Linda's Revelation

Linda had learned so much since she had entered the building.  At first Rowel had helped Ali in reading everything but ever since they had entered the room about the Martian war he had been much to intrigued with the displays himself to be able to explain them to her.  She had been slightly surprised at the way he looked at the first display.  It upset him she realized.  He seemed to get more and more upset the farther into the room they went until they stopped at one where the mother and father were clutching their baby who, as Ali had read to her had been hurt by a spring.  But what surprised Linda the most was the cut that was on the babies face and she reached up to touch her own face in wonder.  Then Ali hurried her on to the next room pulling Rowel who seemed to be more reluctant after each display they passed. 

The next display was one of the saddest things Linda had ever seen:  They were standing in the middle of a wood and the man and woman and baby were lying dead in a display in the center of the floor a Martian stood over them with the offending weapon in his hand.   

Ali leaned over and whispered in her ear.  “The family tried to escape to earth but the Martian’s caught up with them and killed them.”  Alita walked off then to read one of the other signs but something had caught Linda’s eye and she knelt down next to the display to see what it was.  It was something around the baby’s neck.  She tried to make out what it was.  Her heart skipped a beat as she realized what it was.

It was a necklace.  A necklace that she recognized.

Linda couldn’t keep quiet anymore.  How could it be possible that her necklace, the one she had just received for her birthday could be the same necklace around the baby’s neck?  And the scar the one on the baby what were the chances that it would look the same as the one she had?  It wasn’t chance.  That much she knew.  But she was unwilling at this moment in time to except that these people laying in a heap on the floor were her parents or that the alien standing over them was their murderer or that the fake trees that stood all around represented the tree she grew up knowing.  “How can it be?”  She whispered then caught herself. 

She decided to leave for a breath of fresh air and headed toward the exit.  As she headed for the exit door two security guards headed in her direction and she walked a little faster toward the door.  One of them stepped in front of her.  The man said something to her in Imaginese.  It sounded like a question but she couldn’t be sure.  She pointed to her mouth indicating that she couldn’t respond.  The man asked her another question and she shook her head.  The man squinted at her then he spoke in English.  “Nod if you understand what I’m saying” She nodded and he turned to his friend.  “The boy was right she is an alien.”  The guy behind her grabbed her from behind he led her outside the building, put her in a hover-car and drove her to another building where they locked her in a cell. 

She sat down on the hard bed slightly stunned by everything that had just happened.  She thought of crying but somehow she couldn’t.  She had no doubt in her mind that someone would get her out but until then she had some time to think. 

Everything fit together so well.  Especially the scar.  For years she had wondered where she had gotten it.  It had been her shame for as long as she could remember but now that she thought she knew what had happened to her it seemed to hold less shame. 

Ali had told her that the baby had been given a necklace by her parents.  She suddenly remembered the necklace she had in her pocket and pulled it out.  It looked exactly like the necklace around the babies.   There had been words on the necklace the woman held.   Linda flipped it over and begun rubbing the paint off again.  When it had been completely rubbed off it confirmed what she had suspected for written on the back were the same words that had been written on the wax necklace.


To our daughter Leena

From her parents Kayla and Gaylin

On her 1st birthday

My you be a light in these dark times


If this was the same necklace than the display had been wrong the baby hadn’t died with her parents.  And not only was she probably still alive but she was fairly certain that she was the baby. 

She wasn’t really a human now she just had to convince these police of that.  And she knew just how to do it.

The End

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