The Museum

Layka, it had been Rowel’s idea to call her that.  He said it was his aunt’s birth name until she got married and her husband started calling her Kay.  Then she had flipped the two first and last letters and had been called Kayla ever since.  They had made it very clear on the way to the museum that she was not aloud to talk at all.  “I’ll explain everything trust meLinda had noticed that Sira and Adan had exchanged a look when she said that but she didn’t say anything.  She had figured out throughout the course of the ride that there was something at this museum that Rowel didn’t like something that had kept from ever coming there up to this point and she was starting to get the idea that the boy liked her more than he cared to admit and although she thought he was nice he was as alien and she had just met him.

They had met up with what was apparently their school group and they had introduced her to the teacher and couple other kids but she knew she would never remember all their names.  Not that it mattered she couldn’t talk to them anyway. 

She just hoped she wouldn’t forget herself and give away anything.


Rowel stood there slightly nervous as the teacher gave the low down of what was going on.  He worried that Linda would mess up or that he would mess up and speak to her in English when other’s were too close and would question.  But more than all that he worried about seeing his aunt’s profile displayed in wax clutching his beloved wax cousin to her chest.  Would he be able to handle it?  He shot up a quick prayer to Kohath that he would be able to handle it and began to move inside the building with the rest of the group.  

Alita came up to him and gave him a big hug.  “I can’t believe you came here.  I never thought I’d see you enter through those doors it’s a miracle.”  She hugged him again and then noticed something behind him.  He turned to see Linda standing awkwardly behind him.  “You brought her here?” 

Rowel stepped back to Linda’s side and put his arm around her shoulders.  “Alita I’d like you to meet Layka a new friend of mine that I invited to come with us.  She’s mute so don’t ask her too many questions.”  Alita got the drift and shook Linda’s hand smiling the whole time and said “It’s nice to meet you I’m Alita.”

The group moved on and between Rowel and Ali it was nearly impossible for Linda to miss anything.  Everything seemed to be going well.  But what comes up must come down and everything was about to come down…hard.

The End

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