Shanti's Sickness

Linda woke the next morning to see that Sira was still asleep.  She slipped out of the room and went into living room where Rowel was playing some type of board game on the floor with Teesha.  He smiled at her when she entered the room and she plopped down next to where he lay on the floor.  “Where’s Shanti.”  She asked.

“She’s sleeping.  She’ll probably sleep all day before the big night.”

That seemed odd to Linda and she had to ask “Is everything all right.”

Rowel looked up at her a small frown playing between his eyes.  “Yeah Linda she’s fine.  A little tummy ache no big deal.”

“A tummy ache!  OH the poor thing that must be horrible.”

He shrugged and moved his piece a couple spaces down on the board “It’s nothing we didn’t expect.”  He sighed and sat up, saying something to Teesha in Imaginese as he did.  The little girl nodded and slipped into the other room.  Rowel turned toward Linda.  “Look!  Every year on a Imaginese birthday on the years 3-18 we get sick.  We sleep all day, have the party in the evening when we’re feeling a little better and then the next morning we have a new or longer arm.”

“Oh!”  She paused thinking about it.  “My birthday was a couple days ago and I got really sick.  It seems like every year I get sick.  I wish it was something as predictable as what you have but it’s not I don’t get anything from it just a lot of pain.”

Teesha came back then with a large bowl of flower-nuts and plopped down again in front of Rowel and made her move.

The two finished their game in silence until Sira woke up and came and sat down on one of the chairs the news-screen in her hands.   “Are you about ready to go Linda” she asked without looking up. 

“Go where?”  Rowel asked turning abruptly at his sister.

Sira looked over the screen at Rowel.  “We’re going to the museum.”

“Were you planning on inviting me?”

“Rowel I have tried to invite you so many times and you always turn me down.  I didn’t think this time would be any different”

“Well maybe I’m ready.  I want to go.”  Sira looked at him uncertainly.  “Look if I can’t handle it then I’ll just skip that exhibit.”

“Ok fine but you better get ready Adan’s coming to pick us up in like ten minutes."

The End

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