Sneaking Out

The sun had been down for a couple hours and the evening mist was beginning to rise up like it did every night to water the land of Imaginess.  Everyone in the Rowan family was asleep including Linda, everyone that is except of course Sira.  Sira had sat brooding over everything that had happened that day listening to the quiet sounds of Linda’s breathing as she slept.  She had been very upset that night when her mother had told her she would be sharing a room with her but not as upset as she had been when she had been told that the only way she could go to the museum the next day was if she let Linda tag along. 

“But mom she’s a human.”  She had tried to reason.

“If you change her name and tell everyone she’s a mute no one will know the difference.  I need her out of the way when we’re setting up for Shanti’s birthday tomorrow afternoon.  So if you’re going to insist on leaving on your sister’s birthday then you can take her with you.”   Sira would have put up more of a fight if she thought it would help but she knew that all it would get her was a day stuck in the house helping set up for her sister’s birthday party. 

She looked out the window and saw that the mist was so thick she couldn’t even see the tree in her yard any more.   A breeze lifted the mist slightly and she caught a glimpse of someone slipping into her shed and then the mist fell again.  Her heart leaped and she pushed the blankets away from her and slid soundlessly out of the bed and tiptoed across the room to the door.  The door squeaked slightly when she opened it but Linda didn’t even move.  She slipped out of the house without too much more trouble slipping on her boots and coat before leaving the house.

Once outside she ran in the direction of the shed.  She couldn’t see more than a foot in front of her but she knew it was there.  She opened up the big door and shook the water from her hair and took off her coat before going any farther.  “Adan?” She called into the dark shed.  A hand grabbed onto her shoulder and she spun around to face him.  “Don’t scare me like that.”  She laughed

“I knew you’d be awake.  When I heard that the human was staying with you I knew you wouldn’t be able to sleep.”

“How did you know?”

“I saw Alita at the store and asked her about it.  She told me she was here.” 

Sira sighed “Yes and mom’s making me take her to the museum tomorrow.” 


“Yeah I know but it’s the only way mom will let me go.  Otherwise I have to stay home and help get ready for the party.”  Sira paused before continuing.  “You know what’s really weird Adan?  My brother seems to think she’s just the greatest thing I think he might actually be falling for her.” 

“He’s infatuated Sira that’s it.  It’s not everyday that you meet a human girl and she comes to stay in your house.”

“But Adan are we sure she’s human.”  Adan looked startled and she continued before he could respond.  “I mean she looks so human apart from her name and her accent she could pass for a Imaginese.”

Adan grabbed her gently by the shoulders and looked into her eyes.  “Sira just because she looks Imaginese doesn’t mean she is.  Even if by some strange chance she could turn out to be a long lost Imaginese she’d be better off on Earth where things are familiar.  She will never be one of us.”  Sira nodded slowly and Adan pulled her into a hug wrapping his three sets of arms firmly around her.

The End

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