Sira's piece

Sira sat in the garden it was her favorite spot on the Rowan land.  There was a large Wiper tree in the middle of the yard.  The Rowan’s like every other family on Imaginess couldn’t afford to cut down the trees in their yard because no body knew how to grow them so when a tree grew up in the middle of a main street the street moved instead of the tree cause everyone knew that if they moved a tree it would die. 

Sira sat on the bench that was set back against the fence in the back of the yard.  Little wiper flowers were all about her indicating that the roots of the tree had spread that far since the flowers only grew from the roots of the tree.  The garden was Sira’s one passion she had tried so hard to keep the yard looking as good as possible.  She had even put in a stone walkway that would keep the place more under control and had traveled often to the nearby woods to gather plants to grow in her garden but they always were dead by the next morning so she had stuck to taking care of her tree.  Not many people knew about her secret obsession with plants.  If they did they would probably tease her.  After all Imaginese were supposed to work with electronics not plants.  She thought that the human’s ability to grow plants so easily was amazing and everyday she wished she could learn their secret but she knew that was impossible she just didn’t have the touch. 

She heard voices coming toward her and saw Linda being led by Shanti and Teesha who were both babbling away in Imaginese.  “Sira works really hard on this garden.”  Teesha was saying.  “She tries to get other plants to grow here but they always die.”

“But she takes good care of the tree.”  Shanti said pointing to the tree in the middle of the yard.  “That’s were we gather our flower-nuts.” The continued mumbling and pointing things out and poor Linda looked confused out of her mind as the girls dragged her along.  Sira decided now would be as good a time as any to talk to Linda alone knowing it would probably be nearly impossible to get her brother away from her later.  She walked up to the three girls and spoke to her sisters in Imaginese.  “Why don’t you let me show Linda around my own garden?”  The girls nodded a little disappointedly and hurried off somewhere else.

As soon as they were gone Linda spoke.  “Look I don’t like being here any more than you want me here.”  Sira looked at Linda skeptically.     “Look I don’t care if you’re here just don’t expect me to be all nice and answer your questions.  If you don’t know something then ask Rowel I’m sure he’ll be glad to answer for you.”

“OK I won’t ask you questions…but can we be friends as long as we both agree not to ask questions?”

Sira hesitated then nodded “I guess so!”  Just then they heard footsteps and looked up to see Rowel coming toward them.  “Don’t tell Rowel.”  Sira whispered just before she disappeared inside a shed. 

“Rowel came up to Linda and stopped a couple feet away from her.  “Where are the girls?” 

Linda just shrugged, “They got bored I guess and decided to split.”  She nodded toward the tree.  “That’s a weird looking tree.  What’s it called?”

“It’s a wiper tree.  It’s made out of really strong leaves which hold it up and soft wood that grows on the top.  The flower-nuts grow on those two long branches there and all those little flowers grow out of the roots.”


They were quiet for a moment and then Rowel spoke again.  “They said you could stay by the way.”  She looked at him surprised.  “My parents said you could stay with us until we’re sure we can trust you then we’ll get you home as soon as possible.” 

“Thank you Rowel for everything. But just out of curiosity how long will I have to stay exactly I really should get home as soon as possible before my parents start to worry.”

“Oh probably only a week at most.  That is if you’re trustworthy.”  He smiled a teasing smile and only then did Linda begin to really get worried.

The End

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