Friend or Foe

Linda could tell that something serious was going on but they still were talking in the strange language she glanced around halfway expecting to see some god come swooping out of the air, smite her enemies and carry her away and maybe with a little dash of extra luck he or she would make Brenda leave Staton. 

As she was thinking this the boy behind her released her and she almost fell over from the sudden release.  One of the girls, the one with purple hair, looked slightly upset by this exchange and was yelling at Green hair over her head.  She glanced around her again.  Maybe she was wrong and it was just a weird fluke that caused her to feel at peace.  There was no such thing as God.  She hadn’t believed it before there was no reason why she should believe it now.

Pink hair stepped forward unexpectedly and spoke to her in English “My name is Alita but you can call me Ali and this is Sira and Adan and behind you is Sira’s brother Rowel.

Linda nodded and she looked around once more.  This time though it wasn’t for a god the idea had left her head as quickly as it had entered.  Now she was only hoping that someone anyone would rescue her from these aliens. 

The aliens were fighting again and the one known as Sira looked pretty upset until finally Rowel said something to her that made her shoulders fall in defeat she shot something back and went to the pod and climbed in. 

Ali turned to her then and smiled.  “I’m sorry but we’re going to have to take you with us.  Until we’re sure you’re trustworthy.  It shouldn’t be long I’m sure your­­-“

“Enough talk Alita,” Adan snarled, “We don’t need to explain ourselves to a human.”  He spat out the name and looked at Linda vehemently.  Then he grabbed her by the arm and shoved her into the ship. 

“There’s no need to be so rough Adan.”  Rowel said coming up behind him. 

“There’s no need to be so nice either.  Must I remind you why we’re here?  To mourn your aunt and uncle who died because people like you let the Martians live on and trade with Imaginess.  Now I don’t know about the rest of you but I will not be sitting next to that creature… if you don’t mind I’ll drive.”  With that he walked to the other side of the pod and climbed into the driver’s seat fuming the whole while.

Rowel climbed in beside Linda obviously hurt by his friend’s words.  He spent the rest of the trip looking out the window not saying a word.  Adan and Sira began a conversation in their own language and at first Linda felt very out of place until Ali turned to her.  “I’m sorry we had to take you like this.”  She whispered, “We just can’t chance it getting back to anybody.  And don’t be so upset with them.”  She said nodding her head in the direction of the two up front.  “Life has been pretty difficult.  Our planet was at war for about 10 years and about 12 years ago when I was five the war finally ended.  It’s taken about 5 more years for everything to get back under control and there are a lot of people who don’t want anything to do with people of other planets.  Those two up there are some of the worst.  Adan and Sira are older then all of us.  They remember things better then the rest of us.  They were about 8 when the war ended and 13 by the time things got back to normal.  They remember what it was like to live so horribly.  I remember it too but my family didn’t have it as hard as Adan’s family or even the Rowan’s who had it pretty good compared to some.  I’m sorry I’ve gotten to rambling.  Did you have any questions you wanted to ask?”

“Only one,” Linda said. “How come you speak English?”  Ali smiled

“Us aliens have to have some way to communicate with each other so some genius-I don’t who-decided that English would be a good language to choose.  Which doesn’t make much sense to me cause every other language I’ve ever heard is much easier.  English just has too many rules.  I mean really how do you remember them all?  If I lived on Earth I’d probably choose one of those non-English speaking places.  And that’s another thing why on Imaginess does Earth have so many languages?  Doesn’t that make things more difficult?  I know someone explained it to me once but she said it was just an earth myth so I obviously don’t believe it and…oh man! I’m sorry.  That’s a bit of a bad habit I have:  Talking people’s ears off as you Earthlings say.  If I start doing that you have permission to shut me up.  That is unless you’re actually enjoying what I’m saying then you can just sit there and keep listening.  Like one time-“

“Ali you’re doing it again."

“Oh right sorry.  I’ll just be quiet for the rest of the trip how’s that?”

Ali shut up then and Linda was able to think about everything that had gone on.  Before long she felt herself falling asleep.  She leaned her head back against the chair and closed her eyes letting herself drift off to a place where she felt more safe, a place called Earth.

The End

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