Gaylin continued to watch his daughter he was glad that up to this point things were going according to plan.  He stepped near her and placed his hand on her shoulder letting the peace of Kohath course through her.  “Kohath has heard you daughter.”

                            ... ... ...

“She looks a lot like one of us,” Sira whispered to Adan.  Alita watched the girl named Linda as she shifted uncomfortably in Rowel’s grip she looked surprisingly peaceful but she knew that inside the girl was probably mush.  “Come on Rowel let her go.  We’re not killers for heavens sake.” Rowel nodded and let her go.

“What are you doing?” asked Sira.

“Releasing her” said Adan.  “Alita just made a good point we’re not killers,”

“So we’re not killers.  That doesn’t mean we let her go she is still a human.”

“She doesn’t look human to me.”

“So what do you suggest we do?”

“Take her with us.”

“Brilliant, so she can kill all of us.”

“Not all humans are like that.” Spoke up Alita. “We shouldn’t judge people before we get to know them.”  Linda was obviously getting annoyed by the fact that she didn’t know their language.  She glanced around the clearing and Alita was afraid that she’d make a run for it if she didn’t do something soon.  She took a step toward her.  “My name is Alita but you can call me Ali and this is Sira and Adan and behind you is Sira’s brother Rowel.”  Linda nodded kind of nervously and glanced around the woods again as if looking for someone.  Help probably.  She thought

Rowel was talking now from behind Linda “We have to do something with her.  We can’t let her tell anyone about what she’s seen.  So the safest bet is to take her with us, like Alita said we aren’t killers.” Then he turned to Sira “Unless you have a better suggestion?”  Sira sighed.

“No I don’t. You’re right I guess we have no choice but to take her with us.  But trust me I don’t like the idea at all.  And I refuse to have anything to do with her.”  With that she turned and climbed into the front seat of the pod crossing 3 sets of arms in front of her body.

The End

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