A Song in the Woods

Linda followed the singing until she reached a clearing.  There she found a group of people singing what sounded like a song of mourning.   It was a group of young people about her age along with a couple adults.  All with strange colored hair, green and blue and purple and it looked completely natural but the strangest thing about them was not just their hair but also their skin.  Each one of the people had a light tint of color in their skin that matched their hair.  She watched as they threw flowers over the entire clearing.  She watched them curiously for a while as they went through some sort of a ceremony.  Then the older ones in the group directed the younger ones back into the woods and disappeared.

“Follow them, Leena; come on follow them.”  Gaylin whispered as he watched his daughter  who was watching the Imaginese mourning party.  Kohath had told him how important it was that his daughter not only followed but was seen by these young people.

“Today is the day that Leena will choose her destiny.  She has a choice to make and depending on the path she chooses depends on how happy of a life she will live.”  More then anything Gaylin wanted his daughter to live a happy life and he knew that that was what Kohath wanted as well but he knew that his daughter had to make good choices first.  Ultimately she had to believe in Kohath and the first step in that direction was to be seen by these young people.

Gaylin stepped forward and placed his hands on his daughters head.  Now it was only up to her as to whether or not she took his advice.

                          ... ... ...

As Linda watched the people disappear into the woods she got the sudden notion to follow them.  I can’t follow them she thought what if something happens and I never return.  I can’t do that to Mom and Dad.  What would they think? How would it affect them? Then another thought entered her head that surprised her.  What if somehow this connects me to my past and what happened to my parents.  Oh that’s crazy! She chided herself. You need to stop thinking about that Linda you’re never going to find them so stop pretending like you will.  She began to turn back toward the farm when a humming filled the air.  Her curiosity overcame her good sense as she turned toward the sound as she thought Mom and Dad are always trying to tell me that I’m special and am going to do great things.  Well here’s my chance and I’m going to take it.  With that she pushed away the branches and slipped into the woods after the strange people.

She followed the trail quietly at first but as she got deeper into the woods the leaves began to get thicker and crunched under her feet with each step.  Soon she came to a place deep in the woods and stopped at the sight of spaceship a real live UFO right in front of her face.  A boy with blue hair was in the process of clearing leaves and branches away from it. Linda stepped forward slightly trying to get a closer look but stepped on a stick. Then two things happened at once the first thing was that one of young men, who had green hair, turned around and seeing her ran up and grabbed her.  The second was that Blue boy turned around and arms came streaming out of all sides of his body and a couple of the arms grabbed large guns from inside the ship and threw a couple at the girls and the girls pointed them in her direction and they looked like they knew how to use them.  Linda was brought out into the light.

“Who are you?” one of the girls who had pink hair asked and Linda was stunned slightly at the fact that this girl-who she had now affirmed was an alien-could speak English but she recovered quickly.

“My name is Linda,” she replied carefully determined not to give away too much information with out getting some answers of her own, “I live on the farm not far from here.”

Purple girl said something to Blue boy in another language and suddenly all four of them were babbling away in the foreign language.

Linda glanced around the clearing a bit franticly she would take a run for it but the Green boy still had a fairly strong grip on her arm which was really beginning to hurt but she didn’t dare say a word.  She was in a complete panic were these aliens nice or hostile?  What were they discussing?  Would they let her go or capture her or worse yet would they kill her?  She squeezed her eyes closed and although she had never been much of the praying type she shot up a prayer in the hopes that some god-it didn’t matter which one-would hear it and answer her.  Almost as soon as she finished she felt a peace came over her and suddenly she knew that somewhere a god had heard her.

The End

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