The Mission

Kayla had been watching her daughter from a distance.  Kohath had informed her that today would be a very important day in her daughter’s life.  “Only she can decide which direction her life goes,” Kohath had told her years ago on that day when her and her husband had first met him, “but you can certainly do your best to direct her in the right direction.

“How do we direct her?”  She had asked.

“Through her dreams mostly but there are other things as well.  Even though she won’t be able to see you there are things that you can do that will reach her perception.” 

Now as Kayla watched her daughter she realized that something in the scene before her didn’t quite match the scene Kohath had shown her the day before.  What was wrong?  Then it clicked with her.  It wasn’t time for Linda to read the necklace yet.  Where are the singers? Kayla wondered.  She had to stall had to keep her daughter from reading the necklace before it was time.  Using the limited power that Kohath had bestowed upon her and her husband she caused a squirrel that was crossing over her head to jump down in a pile of leaves and run off.  Pleased with herself she watched as her daughter turned and looked directly at her with unseeing eyes. 

The singing suddenly filled the air around them.  Kayla smiled Right on time she thought.  She watched as her daughter stuck the necklace into her pocket and hurried off in the direction of the sound.  Satisfied Kayla went to report her progress to Kohath who was waiting patiently for her return.

The End

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