The Reporter

Reporter Chris Baker entered NASA.  His company had gotten a call that morning from a man who worked here who said he had discovered something of interest being that none of the other reporters had been available to cover the story he had been given the job.  He had been a reporter for five years now and had always wanted to do an interview with someone from NASA. Now he finally got the chance.

He was greeted by Howard Longly, the scientist who he was too interview.  He was led to the control room were Chris was shown some screens and numbers that he didn’t understand. 

“What is all this?”

“We have found a very important thing.”  Longly replied.  “We have spotted a ship coming towards earth, and it’s not one of ours.”

Chris stared at the man confused “Then whose is it?”

“It’s an alien ship.”

                                                                ... ... ...

Chris climbed back into his blue sports car and placed his head on the steering wheel and let out a sigh.  He never ever wanted to have another report on NASA again it just wasn’t his cup of tea.

He had promised his wife when they had moved here and he had taken the job that he would do everything in his power to protect not only her and their three year old son Matthew but also the people that lived on Imaginess.  He had a duty to his people and he would do everything he could to make sure that the people of Earth never set a knife or other scientific instruments to a single Imaginese for as long as he was alive.

He had spent the last hour trying to convince the man that aliens weren’t real and there had to be some problem with the equipment; finally he had just left telling the man to get more information before calling them.

He pulled his car out of the parking lot and went back to the office he just had no idea what he’d tell his boss.  That he had chickened out? No that wouldn’t work he had to find something better.

The End

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