An Unexpected Tradgedy

Back to the Present

“Do you have to go today Jeff?” Tannia Cuthbert had been begging her husband to stay home all day.  But apparently going into the store today was important.  “You could just let Miles run the store today.  I know he’s young but he’s trustworthy and he’s been working in that store almost as long as you have.”

“I know baby but I got some business things to take care of.  The marketer’s coming in today and I’m going to talk to him about getting our little store some real advertising.”

Tannia sighed and grabbed the empty basket and pail off the table.  “Well while you’re doing that me and Mary will milk the cows and gather the eggs.  The things that really keep our store running.” 

She turned to leave but Jeff stopped her.  “Don’t be mad Tannia.  I told you that this was coming and I promised Mary I’d spend all day with you guys on Thursday whether the transaction’s finished or not.”  Then he pulled her into a quick kiss before he headed for the door. 

An hour later Tannia and her 10 year old daughter Mary were gathering eggs.  It was a beautiful summer day in Dubuque, Iowa and Tannia was enjoying the time with her daughter.  Jeff hadn’t returned from the store yet, and she and her daughter were trying to get the rest of the chores done before he came home.  Tannia gathered the last of the eggs and straightened picking up the basket she shaded her eyes against the sun and looked out into the nearby woods.  “Mom I’m hungry.”  Her mother quieted her.  Mary was silent as listened for what ever it was that her mother was listening for “I don’t hear anything mom.”

 “You’re right not even a bird.” Just then there was a strange sound like a metallic humming. Tannia set down her basket of eggs and started off toward the sound.  Mary set down her basket down as well and ran after her mother.

                                                   ... ... ...

Kayla and Gaylin had crash landed in a clearing in the middle of a wood.  Their ship was smoking and they didn’t have the time to fix it they pushed it behind a large tree out of sight. Gaylin looked at the sky the Martians were closing in fast.   They had to get out of there.

                                ... ... ...  

Mary entered the clearing her mother not far behind her.  “Mary I told you to stay near me.”  One look at her daughters face and she stopped talking.  For standing in front of her was a young man and a woman holding a baby.  They were standing beside a smoking ship and looked afraid.  Tannia was just about to call to them to see if they needed help when suddenly a spaceship came roaring out of the sky and landed in the clearing.

                               ... ... ...

Kayla placed the sleeping Leena in a bush hoping the Martians wouldn’t find her she wiped her eyes and kissed her baby on the cheek and turned as the door of the spaceship opened up.  Out stepped Jaden the captain of the Martian guard.

“We don’t deal well with runaways,” he growled.  He drew out what looked like a remote control.  He pointed it at Gaylin in an instant Gaylin vanished. Kayla screamed and ran to the place where her husband once stood suddenly a pain shot through her entire body and she vanished into thin air. 

Jaden pocketed the Zapper, laughed and turned back to enter the ship.

                              ... ... ...

Tannia couldn’t believe what she had just seen.  Jaden returned to his ship and left.  She stared in stunned silence at the empty clearing clutching tightly to her daughters hand.  “Mommy what just happened?”

“I’m not sure honey.  I’m really not sure.”  The sound of Leena finally waking up interrupted her thoughts as Tannia went over to the bush and picked her up.  The baby had bright red skin, white hair and a scar across her right eye and she was wrapped in the strangest cloth she had ever seen it was really soft and thin but yet it looked warm.

“The poor child left all alone.  I have to do something I can’t just leave her here to die.”  She looked down at her daughter who was looking at something shining from the grass.  She picked it up and handed it to her mother who looked closely at it.  “How strange!  She turned it around and looked carefully at it.  “Leena? What a strange name.  It will never do on Earth.  What about… Linda…Linda Cuthbert.  What do you say Mary?”

“I like it.  Let’s go home and show Daddy my new little baby sister.”

The End

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