The Imaginess Chronicles

Orphaned and adopted at a young age Linda Cuthbert has spent the last two years trying to reconnect with the parents she never knew. After coming up empty time and time again she has learned to except that she may never know what happened when she was a child. But Linda's about to go on an adventure that will turn her world upside down as she learns the truth about her past. So begins a journey to another world a world she belongs to more than this one.

   “Waaaaaaa, aaaaaaa” Leena had just awakened at the sounds of war. 

“Shush now,” her mother soothed,” there’s no need for tears.”   It was all she could muster as her own tears streamed down her face.

Imaginess had been at war for seven years and now Kayla had to smuggle her two-year-old baby to earth where she would be safe. 

“Keep her quiet, Kayla,” said her husband Gaylin.  He sounded harsh

But Kayla heard the fear in his voice. “Waaa,” Gaylin turned around and gave his daughter a small dose of something inside of a syringe, almost immediately she stopped crying and fell asleep on her Mothers shoulder. 

“Gaylin” Kayla gasped in surprise and horror.  

“We can’t afford to get caught.”  He pocketed the syringe and continued on toward the hanger where all the Martians kept the ships they had stolen from the people of Imaginess.  They soon arrived at the hanger Gaylin peered through the slightly opened door there wasn’t a Martian in sight.  What luck!  “Alright let’s go but quietly.”  They slipped inside the door, the hanger was filled with ships of all sizes from big motherships to  tiny little two-seat-spacepods they snuck over to the smallest of the spacepods on the side was the symbol of a Wiper flower this was their family symbol and this was their spacepod.  “Hey what do you think you’re doing?”   A Martian warrior came around the corner. “Stop don’t you dare get in that ship.” Gaylin jumped into the ship followed close behind by his wife.  He pulled out his spare key that the Martians hadn’t known he had and started the engine. 

The Martian had climbed into his own warship.  He began to go after Gaylin who had now lifted off the ground and was leaving the hanger.  “I need backup we have another escapee headed to earth.  And someone grab the Zapper we’re going to need heavy power.  Remember the last time someone went to earth.”

“Copy that sending in reinforcements”.

The End

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