In the Jungle

Jacob padded softly down the library aisle, a notebook tucked under his arm and an empty knapsack on his back. His entire body and mind was relaxed into the calm atmosphere of the library, and prose flowed freely in his mind, narrating the boy who walked the top of the shelves like a cat.

Jacob watched as the strange ruffian leaped the aisle and landed nimbly on the metal frame of the next shelf. Then the boy vanished into the Mystery section, and Jacob continued his journey.

In the Poetry section, Jacob met an old scholar with a quill who was writing a sonnet through the air with a ribbon of black ink. Jacob smiled in wonder at the man's eloquence and then rounded the corner to his favorite aisle. It was long and narrow leading to a quaint round window with a padded blue windowsill and a squat cushion propped against the glass that gazed out over the park.

Seating himself comfortably, Jacob sat with his bag near his feet and his notebook on his lap. Then he let out a sigh and closed his eyes. He could see the books clearly through his eyelids. He reached forward with a trill of excitement and one of the books leapt toward his hand. But it fluttered open before he could catch it and words came spilling out through the air like blossoms that whirled around him.

Laughing and shutting even his mind's eye as the words enveloped him, everything vanished except for the carefully crafted syllables that slid down line after line like droplets of rain down smooth broad leaves. And pretty soon, he was in a jungle.

And in this particular jungle, there happened to be a young girl named Luna was on an adventure.

"Hello," Jacob said. "May I join you?"

The End

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