In The Clouds

It was a plain day. The sun sat inconspicuously in a sky of blue mottled with gray, the breeze blew without a scent, and the birds' chatter was as distant as the background sounds of traffic.

Luna walked down the street in a sleepy mood, her shoulder bag still at her side as her arms swung and her feet trod softly down the pavement. She was heading to the park. She had a notebook under one arm and a pen on her belt, and words of poetry flew gracefully through her mind as she watched the swallows dip and dive around the weeping willows by the roadside.

She was soon walking the trail by the creek, her eyes watching the imaginary boat as it tumbled through the rapids beside her. Then she reached the bridge and stopped, waiting for the troll to show itself. But after a moment she could hear it snoring, and so she tip-toed across so as to not wake it.

Lying down under the maple tree by the blackberry bushes, she soon forgot her notebook and closed her eyes with a sigh.

She could see the sky clearly through her eyelids. The clouds drifted like continents in a sea of blue. They were forming another world. Her sleepy mind drifted with the clouds for a time, and then she felt the soft grass begin to fade away beneath her as she began to float into the sky.

She gave a smile as the maple boughs passed around her, tickling her from all sides. And then she was in the sky, heading for the distant continents, like a drifting melody of music.

The largest of the continents soon began to fill her view and the mountain peaks began to grow more distinct. A few beautiful moments later, the tree tops of a jungle began to grow closer. Finally she let out a laugh and began to descend with growing speed.

Through a flurry of leaves, she fell through the canopy, passing through a living kaleidoscope of greenery with a rush. Then she awoke on the forest floor with a jolt, amidst the great broad leafed plants of another world, a comforting trickle of water in the background and a warm mist floating overhead.

"I made it," she whispered.

The End

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