LairdTom is a boy who's curiosity knows no bounds. He will try his hand at anything that is available; be it sky-diving, crocodile riding or even the dreaded knitting, Tom's enthusiasm for all things new will lead him straight towards the nearest source of potential excitement. His endearing grin and expressionate face never fail to warm the hearts of those he meets and his spontaneous nature, coupled with his inexhaustible energy make him a much loved member of the community.

However, do not be decieved. Behind the friendly smile lies a cunning and wildly imaginative mind. LairdTom's creations are wide and varied, among them the once-mighty realm of Crensun, brought to it's knees by war and the deadly, cold-blooded slaughterhouse known as the Bloodbox. With an imagination like this, who knows where the thoughts and dreams of this 17 year old gentleman from a British city known for it's famous university and competitive - and highly strung- rowing team, may lead. For all we know, he could be thinking of anything...

So, whatever your impressions of him may be, be it friendly collaborator or creative genius with a knack for the original, everyone can be sure that LairdTom is one of the special ones. Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it's certianly made him one incredible writer.

The End

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