This man is trapped in a young body. His words are those of someone who has gone through years and years, although he himself looks young in human eyes. He will chastice wrong doing, but he will do it with care and a sort of brotherly love.

He is born leader, and his ideas flow and make themselves clear to others. If you find yourself in a fix with your own ideas, he will try to the best of his ability to help you. Although he can seem serious at times, one look at the way he will reply to your comments will let you say how genuinly playful he actually is. And he always manages to do it while looking very mature, cool, and collected.

I picture him as tall, standind proud, and with a calm, manly voice. It is appropiate for his age, but seeps with wisdom. His creativity is shown whenever he has a pen in his hand and he taps at his chin in deep thought. And his smile is one that a proud parent might give to his child. He hopes to have a very controled future, and to gain much knowledge in the process. College is a must for him, and books fill every wall of his study at home. Books he reads as often as the wind blows or one might take a breathe.

So, Elemental, how did I do? Am I even close? :D

The End

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