Though born and bred a city girl, delorfinde is a true country girl at heart. I envision her as an old soul trapped in both metropolitan madness and the woes of adolescence. However, her preoccupations are not trivial or cliché. She spends a great deal of her time in thoughtful reflection, thoroughly examining her soul and moral conscience on a daily basis.

She is a devout Christian who finds solace in nature. By embracing an old, wise tree and listening to the whispering wind, delorfinde acknowledges and rejoices in the omnipotent, omniscent, and benevolent presence of the Lord.

She gracefully manuevers a shiny wood floor in a pair of Irish step dancing shoes, and replays the sound of the whispering wind with her whistle and fiddle. She attends a quaint little church on a hilltop, which has been constructed from the wood of old, wise trees. They are like the trees she loves to climb, the trees that provided her with shade on many a stifling summer day.

And like those trees, she is deeply rooted in her faith. Her arms outstretch like elegant tree branches, welcoming others with an open heart.  Finally, she has found the strength to stand tall amidst the brutal blows of nature and the world. Though persecuted for her strong faith, her undying spirit is never destroyed, and never fails to inspire and enrich the lives of others.

I think I was pretty darn close. ;)

The End

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