I see her as younger than she really is. Though she looks like she's in her thirties, she's young and heart, and just wants to follow her dreams, instead of being tied down at work.

When she's supposed to be working, she's writing the next great novel on Protagonize, in between being my awesome proofreader for 'Lord'. She's also writing cute little messages to her very young children, to read to them when they're a lot older.

She's like an elf: free inside, wild and uncontrollable like nature. She doesn't follow stereotypes, but breaks out of all constraints. Her motorbike riding is just an example of how she doesn't want to be the frail female image. Her name, Elorithryn, runs off the tongue like one of the songs that are running through her head.

You speak to her and it takes a while for her to get her head out of the clouds. When she replies, you know she's not really 'there', because in her head she had just got to the part of a story where her MC was in a far-distant land.

On her shoulder, the tattoo of a sun reminds you that she doesn't forget nature, even when she is surrounded by buildings and cannot see the sky.

Well, Cathryn, how did I do?

The End

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