I think CrystalRose is a lively and friendly girl who enjoys reading a lot. She enjoys listening to music, singing and playing the drums. She has a wide imagination, is very chatty and often in a good mood. She is an amazing writer, and shares her opinions all the time.

I think she might be the sort of person who doodles in the back of her exercise books at school, especially in boring lessons. She is always looking for new friends to be with. Very energetic, often hyper, okay, always hyper. When with strangers, she might be just a tiny bit shy, but once you get to know her, her craziness takes over!

She might love to relax every now and then to fall into the world of imagination.

She loves being outdoor, fresh air, and roses

I'd love to meet her one day, especially since we live in the same city!

The End

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