Friendly, bubbly and bookish, (not necessarily in that order,) Ash is an all round  people person.

She's a kind loving individual that can paint a person in words just by smiling at them let alone talking to them, she just knows people and this is great for her writing and for her friendships.

She's also one of the most mischevious, dry and all round dark people I think I've ever met and this is probably why she's one of my best friends.

When you see that chirpy, friendly, individual sitting cross-legged under a tree, or on a park bench juggling a cup of coffee and a pad and pen. When you decide to step into whatever is coming from her head, just think ... Does the  welcoming hello and beaming grin mean:

"You're in perfect time for a chat! I've lost the flow and need a break, infact you're my next character!"


"You're timing is perfect! You've ruined my flow and forced me to use you as my next character. Oh and please bend over so I can prod you in the eye with my pen."

Believe me you will never know ...

The End

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