Spook of the Night


Battling her mentality, Spook desperately fights between her urges to become a ninja-pirate or a pirate-ninja. To the lay person, these two 'species' are the same, but Spook will take any opportunity to explain the key differences to an ignorant bystander.

When you walk past her, you get the sense that she is older than she claims to be, with far more experience than somebody five times her own age. However, she hides this well with her fun and extrovert outlook, her constant need for high-fives, and the ability to thumbs-up anybody who looks at her, convincing them to return the gesture.

Secretly, she sings like a nightingale, but only to herself, when she is perched in the trees under the light of the full moon, which turns her dark red hair a healthy purple. Some believe that this is a ritual she uses to summon either her God, or her own people...

The End

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