The Chief Squid

Archi, in my mind, is one of those folks who stands out, but not for the sake of standing out.  It's simply how she does things, but it's certainly not beyond her to slip back and watch the action for a while.

Easy to pick out of the crowd with her shoulder-length melted-strawberry-ice-cream hair, Archi strikes me as the bubbly type whom one could find reading in the corner of the library, perched in a tree scribbling in a notebook, or creating some distinctive Teuthisean sidewalk art, not too unlike her character Puppy from Tagged.  I can imagine she has quite the energy that she applies to most of her pursuits, be it academic, literary, artistic, or all-around Teuthisean.

Given her disposition she's probably one of those easily-approachable people, but it definitely takes some time to get to know even the slightest nuances of the enigmatic, yet fantastically fascinating, Archi Teuthis.

The End

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