The Capricious Gertrude O. Jedforest

Dearest Vernor:

I indeed share your fond memories of our last holiday together.  I think, in fact, I shall hold it as a standard to which all my holidays henceforth shall be compared.  It will please you to know that I've all but removed the last of the grass stains from my bodice.

I read with great enthusiasm your account of the experiments in science, which I know are very dear to you.  It pleases me so that you find such enrichment in these endeavors, and I consider myself fortunate to have such a learned acquaintance.  I am quite sure that your chambermaid bears no ill will towards you, and in fact I do hope that I may share in the experience of being awakened during the night by one of your delightful pomegranates.

I shall consider it a pleasure to join you at Chestershire in May, as you have requested.  I am quite sure that we will find many suitable utilities for your "x-rays" with little difficulty.

Yours truly,
The Capricious Gertrude O. Jedforest

The End

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