Chapter 6Mature

       Even though my mind had opened my senses to the world again, I was scared to open my eyes. I couldn't hear anything; had I gone deaf? I couldn't smell anything; had I lost my sense of smell? I didn't want to open my eyes; had I gone blind? At least I knew one thing, I had senses: my head was aching and my shoulder was throbbing.

       Gratefully, I heard something open and a few sounds came in before it closed; a child crying, doors opening and closing, the rustling of papers, and a lady's voice over a speaker. Then there were shoes hitting a hard floor. And as if to purposely calm me, the person in here had brought food... and  I smelled it; chicken, I think.

       My eyes popped open.

       It seemed as though giant flowers with thick stems were growing around my be; five to be exact. But one of them smiled and excitedly let out a squeak.

       "What kind of flowers are these?" I thought out loud.

       I rubbed my eyes in confusion, revealing that I hadn't lost my knowledge of motion. My vision improved quite a bit; just enough to recognize the five flowers growing around my bed as a nurse, Gage, Nadia, and my mother. Nadia was pointing to the real flowers in the picture; the three bouquets that lay on a rolling cart near my feet.

       "I think some of these are petunias, some are roses, and those are mine, olivercups," she explained, lastly pointing to a handful of wild little turquoise flowers. A soft glow spread about an inch around them.

       "I don't want any cups of olives," I told her, faintly waving my hand in an annoyed gesture. "You know I don't like olives."

       It didn't seem that my ears were working in complete harmony with my eyes. In fact, my eyes didn't seem to be write at all. About half my right eye saw everything differently than usual. Different color, shape, size, mostly everything. I rubbed my eyes, but it didn't make it better. It seemed like all other parts of my eyes were seeing things through glasses, but that part of my right eye was looking just under the rim.  I rubbed my eyes again to be sure, but then rolled onto my side in frustration. But after some thought, I faced my family again.

       "I'm hungry, but no olives."

       Everyone let out a hearty laugh of relief except my mother who was preoccupied with dabbing her eyes. Not smearing or wiping, but dabbing. You wouldn't want to erase tears of joy. They are droplets that one wants to hold onto and use again in the worst situations.

       Surprisingly, I didn't find myself cluelessly laughing along with them. I frowned. I was forgetting something... someone. I had counted five flowers; five people were gathered around my bed. Although I saw a fuzzy picture in front of my eyes, I made out a figure standing behind Nadia with his hand on her shoulder. I tilted my head, as if it would un-blur my vision. Of course, it didn't help. To me, the figure would have to be left as a  figure for now.

       The sniffling and the giggles transformed into a looming silence that poked around, trying to fill every corner of the room.

       "The doctors said she should wake up soon, so I brought her lunch just in case. And, my, what good timing I had," the nurse addressed my family with a smile and chuckle.

       They nodded their relieved faces, still not completely sober from their overdose of happiness. They hadn't been taking enough for the past few weeks, and when the doctor told them it wasn't healthy to take this little, they took too much instead.

       "Can I have the food now?" I asked innocently.

       "Oh, yes, yes, of course," the nurse said, startled to hear from me again after the silence. She hustled to the side of my bed and showed me the tray of food in her hands. "I brought Chipleo, a little jabbarack and rice on the side."

       I had never even seen a jabbarack, but the meat tasted like chicken, maybe a little more bitter, and I ate it with pleasure. The Chipleo was okay, but it wasn't like the Chipleo Gage made on that night Nadia came home with news of the meti.

       After I ate, I started feeling like myself again, a little more confident in what I was saying, but I still said it with a question traced into my face.

       "Was I unconscious?"

       "Yes," answered the nurse.

       "How long was I out?"

       "Fourteen hours... more or less."

       "What happened?"

       "I don't know."

       "What happened?" I asked again, this time the question was sent to my family.

       No one answered. They still had glazed looks on their faces. But the figure behind Nadia took his hand off her shoulder, stood up, and left the room.

       Nadia zipped around, followed by Gage and my mother. Gage rose and briskly walked out after him. After kissing her daughters on the cheeks, my mother followed. The nurse, her job done, smiled, patted my hand, and walked out as well, clinking on her high heels the entire time.

       This left me and Nadia.

       "How do you feel?" she asked, sitting down on the of the hospital bed.

       I shrugged. "They didn't have any hammocks?" I questioned, nodding my head toward the bed underneath me.

       She laughed... until I repeated my unanswered question.

       "What happened?"

The End

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