Three months have passed since that night, yet the time has done nothing to erase it from my memory. I think about it everyday, in class, in conversation, I even have nightmares over it. No one knows this of course, I darent tell a living soul about what happened that night, purely for the fact that I doubt anyone with a brain would believe me. As, to be honest, I wouldnt believe such a story if I were told it, as anything to do with demon-like creatures I would usually dismiss immediately, blaming it on drugs or an ill-mind. However, I assure you everything that happened that night had nothing to do with drugs, or an ill-mind. I have never touched an illegal substance in my life and Im your typical A Gradestudent with more common sense than your average eighteen year old girl in this modern day society.

Today started out like it always had in the past three months. I had awoken late, (due to the lack of sleep caused by yet another nightmare) and was now rushing to get ready in time to get to college. I quickly got dressed and prepared my bag for a long and uninteresting day of education, which always managed to displease me everyday so early in a morning. I looked in the mirror to attempt to do something, anything, to my hair (a typical female task, but a very important one). I hadnt taken the time to straighten it the night before, therefore it was now a mess of never-ending crimson waves and curls. I sighed at the image before me. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, someone once said, but during that cold morning in the month of May, my eyes certainly werent witnessing any form of beauty.

As I left the house, the sharp and cold wind hit my face instantly causing me to wrap my coat around me tightly, shivering. Why does it have to be so cold? I moaned to myself. It was supposed to be close to Summer, yet the sun was still attempting to break free from the clouds, yet continuing to fail, much to England's distaste. My day suddenly felt different, somehow. Everyday during the past three months had felt annoyingly generic, much like that mainstream song that you hear everywhere you go but you can never escape it.

The End

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