The Guest

Ashley smiled at Ben. She'd been waiting for him since the moment he left. Ask her now what she'd just been going over with Ryan and she just wouldn't be able to remember. Not that she wanted to, anyway. Ben was distracting her with every motion, the elegant movement of his hand as he opened the bottle and started filling her glass. Quickly she led her gaze away and looked at the glass itself instead.

'I could ask you the same question,' she told him.

'What now?'

Ben tried to meet her gaze, but she was still staring at the glass, so he moved the glass away and laid his head on the table where it had just been. Ashley laughed, and so did he. He liked times like these, when they could set aside all of their worries and just laugh together. Even for a moment.

'Well, we could cook a nice romantic meal together...' he started to say.

'Hell to the no, Benjamin,' Ashley interrupted him with a frown.

'Alright, alright,' Ben laughed.

'We'll order a pizza, okay?'

Ashley smiled at him. She liked it when he laughed. His lovely green eyes would sparkle and his eyebrows would jump up to his hairline and his mouth would widen and open a bit. Sometimes he'd notice her staring at him and wink at her. She loved that too. She just loved everything about this young man. She watched his long dark brown curls shake as he got up to go to the stationary phone. He had a great physique. While other students took part-time jobs as waiters or salespeople at supermarkets, he was a very succesful model. His unique appearance made him the numer 1 guy to call for every big designer. Benjamin Perlman had a mily-white skin, with dark freckles on his nose. His shoulder-length dark brown curly hair was always absolutely perfect. He had big, clear, green eyes with long dark lashes. His lips were plump and red. He was tall and only slightly muscular. Being quite a plain girl herself, Ashley considered herself very lucky to have such a good-looking boyfriend. Ashley herself had dark blonde wavy hair, pretty ordinary skin, and brown eyes. She was short and a bit chubby, but her figure was very prominently hourglass.

'A seafood pizza, right, Ash?' Ben asked.

'Uh, oh, yeah, sure,' Ashley said, as she shook her head, trying to clear her mind of visions of Ben wearing swimming trunks, standing in the see, with water up to his crotch.

As Ben called the pizza delivery service, Ashley cleared the table of her own books and walked off to put them in her room. At that moment, she heard a loud thump in the bathroom. She frowned, put her books down on her bed and walked into the bathroom.

'Dear God, who the hell are you?!' Ben heard her shout.

'Me? Why, you don't know me? Foul plebeian woman, to your knees!' a man's voice answered.

Ben ran into the bathroom and found Ashley pressed close to the wall, staring at a man of around 60, wearing a crown of golden laurier leaves and some kind of white dress with a red cape, and brandishing a dagger-like sword.

'Sir, may I please ask you who you are, and how on Earth you got in here?' Ben asked.

The man turned to look at him. His expression changed from fury to calm contemplation.

'I am Gaius Julius Caesar, dictator of Rome.'

The End

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