The Ides of March

"Yeah," he said, "I mean the tough thing, I think, is figuring out... you know... what's the point?"

Ashley nodded.  However inarticulate, she knew what Ryan meant.  It was another Sunday morning, another group meeting after paying bills and doing laundry.  They were so close to graduating, shouldn't they be excited?  

"I mean, obviously I don't mean it in a suicidal sense." he added.

"Oh I know," she answered, "you mean what's the motivation to do it.  I mean there must be some reason that we do.  But what is it?"

"Yeah, I mean for religious people they are working towards a goal, you know? But what about the rest of us?  What's our goal?"

"Well," she said, "some people have goals-"

"Well, yeah," he interrupted, colloquially clear, "but why?"


The door snapped open, Ben was home.

"Wow," Ben said, "when I left you guys were still working and that was..." he looked at his watch, "three hours ago?"

Ryan laughed, "Yeah, well, we are pretty much done now.  Anyway, I can't look at this stuff anymore."

"Yeah," Ashley added, "I'm done with numbers for the day."

Ben lightly kissed her in greeting, "That's good because I'm opening this either way."  He held up a long dark wine bottle, sporting a local label and Ashley smiled.

She turned to Ryan, who was packing his laptop, "Well, thanks for meeting on a Sunday."

"Yeah, like I had anything better to do." Ryan laughed to himself.

"Right." she said.  "Well have a good one, however fruitless is may be."

"You too." Ryan said, exiting through the glass door that led to the parking lot of Ashley's small complex.

Ben popped the rubber cork out of the wine bottle and began to pour Ashley a glass, "What now?"

The End

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