Pushed Away

One thing you should know about me:  my loyalty is undying.  I create some of the deepest bonds between my friends and I.  Unless you're my friend, you wouldn't understand.  And even if you are, you still might not.

Last night was a musical rehearsal.  Our high school musical this year is 'The Music Man'.  (A great show for those who have never seen it).  Rachel is cast as the lead; Marian the Librarian.  She had just finished a scene and I came up to talk to her.  She had a far away look in her eyes.  I said something and she nodded, a slow and robotic movement.

"Sorry," she said in a monotonous voice.  "I'm in a daze."

I was about to say some witty comeback when another girl (for now named Hailey) came up and very rudely interrupted what I was about to say.  

I'm being honest; I don't like Hailey.  At all.  Rachel does though, and Rachel doesn't know I don't like Hailey.

And a funny thing happened.  Rachel snapped out of her 'daze', turned to Hailey, and struck up a conversation, completely ignoring me.

Trying not to show how much this  hurt me, I turned on my heel and walked away.

The End

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