Some First Night

The band practice was kind of a special one.  Our old guitarist had just dropped out and this was our first practice with his replacement.  Alan, the replacement, Anthony, our drummer, and Anthony's dad (Mr. Hillson) were already there.  After greetings were circulated, my little sister (and our acoustic guitarist) Daisy walked in.  

Daisy looked at me and said, "Mom's mad at you."

Nice to see you too.

I just nodded.  I knew why my mom was upset.  It was a split moment decision; walk with Rachel to the church so she wouldn't be alone (and not tell my mother until it was too late) or get a ride over with my mother.  I'd chosen the former.  My mom was mad that I hadn't made the decision with her.  Understandable.

"Guys," Mr. Hillson said, walking towards us.  "Before we start, I think we should pray."  He paused to look at Rachel, and Rachel's younger sister, Helen, before continuing, "As some of you might've heard, there's a meeting downstairs.  Due to budget costs, we may lose the Scott as a pastor."  He didn't say that the entire Grey family was included in that statement.  

Hearing the words spoken out loud seemed to be too much for Helen.  She ducked her head and tried -- unsuccessfully -- to hold back a sob.  Rachel raced over and took her younger sister into a tight hug.  

"Let's pray," Mr. Hillson said.  

We all bowed our heads.

"Heavenly Father," he said.  "Lord, You know the what lays on our hearts right now.  Lord, I hate money.  Especially because of the situation that has arisen.  We just pray for Your guidence.  Simply let Your will be done.  You have plans for us all, Lord.  Sometimes, we don't like the idea of those plans.  But as You tell us in Jeremiah 29:11, You have plans for us.  May we trust You with those.  In Jesus' name we pray, Amen."


We all looked at each other, some of our faces tear-streaked, others devoid of all emotion.  I looked at Alan and said, "Some first night, huh?"

The End

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