The Idea

Timothy was selected to go to a school for special, creative people. He eventually finds out the school is run by bad people trying to steal ideas and use them for nefarious goals. Timothy teams up with a clandestine group of magical spies who try to sabotage the schemes of the wicked school officials.

The very best ideas come to those who wait. That's one of the first thing Timothy learned, among other things, at the Westbourne School for Creative Young Minds. It was for this reason that Principal Hampton declared every last hour of Monday's school day to be "Creative Thinking" hour. Timothy dreaded Mondays.

"Create Thinking" hour was an eternity. Timothy and the other twenty or so students in Room 13 had to spend a full hour writing and expounding on a single idea. Timothy often had trouble coming up with ideas so he spent most of his time looking around the room.

Timothy looked in the back of the classroom. There were two guys: Beavis and Butthead, the two bullies from Power Rangers, etc. Just really weird people. He wondered what they were thinking about, what ideas were coming to them. Timothy looked at one of them and thought bananas. He looked at the other and pictured ice cream. A banana split. These two goons were meant for each other.

The End

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