“What’s so funny?” Landon asked dryly. The soldier continued his exuberant laugh, not ceasing to answer. This did not amuse Landon, of course.  Since it only added to the tangle of bewilderment that plagued him.

Finally, after what seemed like forever, the soldier stifled his chortle, bringing his rapport to an end.  He couldn’t help but wipe a tear from his eye, and soon his gaze settled on the tall human beside him. Smirking amusingly, the soldier clasped his hand on Landon’s shoulder.

“I need to tell you something,” said the soldier in a very thick Spanish accent. Landon focused intently, leaning forward.

The soldier opened his mouth, and began to speak. But a very sharp bang halted any words from fumbling off his tongue. Landon’s hazy thoughts, and light-headedness, snapped together in full attention, and his eyes alit on an unknown figure across the shoddy bamboo bridge.

The stranger held a pistol pointed outward, and smoke dissipated upwards from the barrel.  The Spanish man slumped forwards, into Landon’s arms, and Landon instinctually clutched the soldier that collapsed to the bridge; blood sousing his camouflaged fatigues from a bullet hole in his back.

Landon’s muscled tensed all at once in paralyzing fear.  He let go of the soldier, and back-peddled, pressing himself against his bamboo hut. 

The stranger finally spoke, “Where is it, Landon?”

“Wher… where is what?”  Landon’s eyes were trying to navigate an escape route, but he spied only more bridges and huts far below him.

“You don’t want to play dumb, Landon.” The stranger spoke matter-of-factly, “You know who I am.”

But Landon didn’t.  At least, he didn’t right now.  He only knew he was confused, and gripped with a crippling fear.  His mind mulled in several ways; one part attempting to decipher the meaning of what has transpired, and another struggling to identify this gun-totting stranger across from him. And of course, he still needed an exit.

“I really don’t know what you’re talking about. Maybe you can tell me, and I .. I’m really confused,” Landon was partly stalling, and his words were fumbling from his dry mouth.

The stranger fired off another bullet which bore through the hollow bamboo hut close to Landon’s shoulder. Of course this jolted Landon even more, but it made up his mind: he needed to flee.

The End

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