The Canopy

Landon awoke with the cry of a nightmare and sat bolt upright, staring at the bamboo wall in front of him.

"I remember," he whispered to the world. "I remember what happened."

Then confusion set in, and he checked his surroundings. They'd changed again. He threw off the light blanket and got to his feet. "I remember," he repeated softly, walking to the doorway. He was determined to tell someone that he'd remembered.

He was in a hut made of bamboo and slats of smooth pale wood. There wasn't even a door; just an opening. If he was still a prisoner, then he was a privileged one at least. It seemed he was free to leave the hut. But as he reached the opening, his eyes went wide and his head was suddenly light and swaying. He bent his knees and grabbed the bamboo stalks in a shaking fear. He was on a rather narrow balcony.

He crouched down on the floor of the hut until his head stopped spinning. Then, breathing mechanically, he took another peek outside. Yes. He was a hundred feet above the forest floor. Yes. He was in a tree.

After a while, he finally gathered the courage to invesigate the extent of the rather narrow balcony. It passed around the corner of the hut, and when he finally rounded this corner, after many dreadfully slow and careful movements, he discovered a bridge. Across the bridge was a man, which took Landon several seconds to notice; he was dressed in camouflage.

The man gave him a hand signal and began to stride across the bridge as if it was little more than a sidewalk. When he arrived, he directed Landon back into the hut with a rude thumb motion.

"Tell me what's going on," demanded Landon.

"Silencio," the man said.

Landon swallowed. "I remember," he said sternly.

The man paused and then cocked his head to the side. "Remember?" he asked.

"I remember what happened," Landon said with growing passion. "The secret organization stole my money and were about to silence me when the S.W.A.T. team showed up. But the S.W.A.T. team took me in captivity...probably to question me. And some point, while I was drugged, I must have exchanged hands."

The Spanish soldier seemed to be following him far too closely.

Landon stopped, blinked for a moment as a new memory flashed into his mind, and then his face split into a grin. "And at some point I got a wife," he said with enthusiasm. He clapped the soldier on the shoulder with a laugh. "When can I see my wife again?" he asked loudly.

The soldier gave Landon a critical stare. A few seconds passed. Then the soldier threw his head back and gave a tremendous, whole-hearted laugh.

The End

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