Fear of What?

After a moment a lanky limbed, floppy haired student type wearing clothes that had obviously been deliberately and expensively bedraggled stood up. A couple of people noticed him and looked at him expectantly, he said nothing until the presenters gaze, which had been placidly roaming the group settled on him.

"Er. Could I just..." The student mumbled and the presenter held up his hand to stop him.

"Ladies, Gentlemen, Students. We have a question from this young man." The silence was instant. Everyone looked at the standing student. He went red and spluttered.

"I er... I just wanted to ask... well... er... what's the point?" The silence went from expectant to heavy to uncomfortable. All eyes were on the presenter. He shook his head, seeming disappointed. When he spoke, his voice was very quiet.

"Is there anyone else who wanted to ask this question?" There was no immediate response. The presenter's stance changed, his body appeared to actually grow, he lifted his head and his eyes were flashing. Every person in front of him thought he was looking at them. "If you wanted to ask that question then stand up... now!" About two thirds of the people stood up instantly, some looking confused that they had done so. "You people have too much." The presenters arms were raised as he addressed the standing people. "If you cannot understand a reason to offer another human being an adventure then it is because you have no need for one yourselves. Get out, don't come back and forget you came. All of you people standing went to a lecture on evolutionary biology and you thought it was rubbish. Find a nice wine bar and discuss how intelluctually and socially superior you are... now."

The people standing  began shuffling silently towards the exit. Some  friends of the standees seemed to be asking them to stay but none of them succeeded. The standees and their friends exited the room, leaving fifteen people present. The presenter stood mute until the door swung closed after the last leaver.

"Now. Watch." He pointed towards the screen which showed a grainy handicam shot of a balding man in his forties wearing a suit that probably fit him brilliantly ten years earlier, listlessly stirring a coffee. There was loud smash as a coffee waitress dropped a large tray of crockery in the middle of the cafe. The camera wobbling, showing the cameraman's shock, but the balding man did not even flinch. He finished his coffee and left a bill on the table. He stepped over a broken coffee pot and into the street. The cameraman moved closer to the window and focussed on him. The man stepped outside and looked at the drizzling sky. As he sighed his disappointment with the weather he was jumped. Three large bodies with faces obscured by hoods pounced on him. A black bag was thrust over his head and he was dragged into a van that pulled up with balletic timing. The van sped off while the doors were closing and the camera followed the van until it turned into a side street and then the screen went to black.

"So" Said the presenter to the open mouthed group, smiling calmly. "What the hell have you all gotten yourselves into?"

The End

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