The 'I' Project

"Good day everyone. I hope to find you all well."

The man with the jet black hair and the dark lit eyes strode to the front of the room, beaming with the excitement generated by the gathering.

He paused at the flat screen monitor and inserted his memory stick into the computer. As it loaded, he looked up at the group with a shine in his eyes. They were still getting settled and only a few looked back at him, curiosity in their gazes. A smile flickered momentarily across his face, and he pointed the remote at the projector. Then he addressed the group.

"We'll be getting underway in just a moment. But first, I will give you the pitch that will determine whether you stay or go. This project, as you all know, relies highly on its secrecy. I will tell you all I can without giving too many details, and then you will decide whether to stay in the room or not. Those who stay, welcome to the team. Those who go, please forget everything you've heard."

There were a few chuckles from the front row, and the man checked over his shoulder to make sure the projector was warming up.

The screen became resolute, and the gathering watched with patience as a folder opened across the simple desktop.

"Now, you may have a few ideas of what this project might involve, judging solely on who is in the room with you. But let me give you a few more hints."

The mouse on the screen moved to a file entitled 'Global View'. An unfamiliar interface jumped into action, and the mouse moved through a blue web of symbols until an image whirled into life. It was the globe, gently spinning in space.

"The project extends across the globe, through every country necessary. And yet, no government, whether it be yours or the country in question's, will know of the project's existence. In that sense, it is above and beyond normal society. This is not to say we are above the laws of every respective country. We need only to follow our own ideals, philosophies, morals, and ethics, and we should stay within most of the everyday laws of our fellow people. It is more the unspoken laws that we will be side-stepping. And, like all international secret organizations, every government will want to hunt us down and torture the secrets out of us; whether we are good or evil, they want to know all that we do. But if they don't know we even exist, there will be no cause for any of that."

The mouse moved to the globe, and the screen flew towards the earth at an alarming speed, breaking the atmosphere and plummeting towards North America like a rocket. It finally stopped, hovering, two hundred feet over New York City.

"This is where our story begins."

There were a few murmurs in the crowd, and the presenter paused, gaging the crowd's level of curiosity. Then he proceeded.

"We are going to offer a service. The customer will pay for the service. Then...the service will disguise itself and turn into something far scarier and life-changing than the customer could ever imagine. But they will get what they asked for, one hundred percent."

"And what are they asking for?" asked a gray haired man in the third row.

The presenter smiled and his presence filled the room. Every eye was on his face, and the small fidgets of the crowd moved loudly through the tense room. He took a breath and his voice filled the room, mischief and excitement behind every syllable.

"Adventure," he said, inspiration playing across his every feature. "We offer them adventure. Real adventure."

After a teetering moment of silence, the presentation hall exploded with voices.

The End

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