The Hurting Child

The little girl clung to the old, gray fence post and gazed longingly out across the golden field.  It called to her and she was tempted to climb over the fence into the forbidden stretch of land.  Tears blurred her vision and she rubbed them away with her dusty fingers leaving streaks of mud across her delicate cheeks.  Slowly she turned her head and looked back at the school yard alive with children playing.  Laughter danced across the breeze, but it wasn't music to this little girls ears.  These were children who rejected her.  The child didn't know why the other's didn't like her, they just didn't. 

A gust of wind swept past the girl and blew strands of her long brown hair into her face.  She turned back to the field and brushed her hair back into place.  The golden blades of tall, dried grass were swaying in the wind, creating a wonderful light rattling.  She watched them dance and sway for a moment and then without thinking, the child climbed over the fence and jumped down into grass.  She dashed across the field.  The grass tickled her arms as she ran, and a giggle escaped from between her lips.  Flinging her arms out she spun herself around and around and finally flopped herself down on her back and gazed up at the beautiful blue sky filled with puffy, white clouds.  She saw a ducky up there swimming across the sky.  A bunny formed shortly after that and then a dragon.  As the child watched the pictures forming and disappearing the school bell rang far  in the distance.  She may of heard it, but the sound didn't register.  Her attention was fully on the world of make believe far above her. 

The End

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