The HurterMature

Cam just wants the pain to stop. She's abused, bullied, and it never ends. When she starts to fall hard for Tyler the guy who bullies her, will she go against everything she believes in?


Umm... hey. My name is Camilean, BUT IF YOU EVER CALL ME THAT I WILL KILL YOU!!!! Sorry, I'm really shy, except when people call me that. You can call me Cam.

Well I don't have any friends at school. I never really fit in. I'm bullied to, so yeah, that never really helps. I love to draw, but thats it. I'm not big on the whole love thing. I don't believe in love, never have, never will. I've only been hurt.

Thats all YOU need to know.

Oh, one more thing. My dads abused me since I was seven.

Never loved,


The End

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