Gregory harbour

Norrington's eyes slowly focused as he noticed the pearl was gone. Despair filling his heart he go up and found Gillette and asked their bearing. " gregory harbor sir." 
As he looked up, Norrington eyed the large cliff overhangs and small break in the cliff lines that was the entrance to the harbor.

Assessing the damage to the ship he estimated a good day and a half to fix the damage to the mast, if they were lucky maybe a day and all night. 

Pulling up to the harbor a portly man of short stature with rich, food stained attire walked up to the end of the gangplank awaiting to find who would visit without notice, a preposterous idea that filled the man with obvious loathing. Probably norrington thought, he must have been disturbed mid-feast for this.

When the man saw the commodore's uniform he stepped back a little and somehow, although it seemed impossible at first managed to make himself even smaller.

Stepping off the gangplank Norrington decided he did not like the man. As he walked forward the man followed him, stumbling over his words, obviously not expecting a warrior as known as Norrington. Trying to say something norrington cut the man off mid-sentence. "I care not for your words, fix my ship, give me some food, for goodness sake send me a healer and i may not report your ill mannered filthy appearance and lack of uniform to higher authority." Not waiting for a reply he walked off to find a strong drink as swarms of men scrambled to repair the ship.

The End

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