The Fastest Ships in the Caribbean. Pt. 2

Jack snapped up with the sound of the retreat. Excellent! He spun around to check on Anamoria, she was on the ground at Norringtons feet. He felt an agonizing stab of guilt and remorse, his mind numbed. 
He was barely aware of his actions as he sidestepped the charging Redcoats. The Interceptor was turning away now, in an attempt to put as much distance between the two vessels as possible, and upon seeing his chance Jack stepped into action. He ran up the wooden stairs (Which were missing the handrails on one side) a stepped up onto the increasingly horizontal mast, which was now infact laying on the Aft side of the Pearl. He crossed swiftly, landing with a thud on the back of the Pearl. 
Glancing around, he saw that a few of his crew had returned to the Pearl, and they had brought Anamoria back with them. The Interceptor was sailing away now, its heading set for (Jack guessed) Gregory Harbor, the nearest British port. With its broken mast it reminded Jack somewhat of a dog running with a tail between its legs.

He looked again closely at Anamoria, she'd died to save him. She deserved a proper sendoff, thought Jack.
And stepping up behind the wheel, with a glance at his compass. "Master Gibbs, We're heading for the Isle DeMorta-"
"Sir the men are tired, they need a-"
"Gibbs, I'm the captain, I make the calls. Savvy?" Gibbs said nothing, but simply nodded his head.
"Lower the mainsail!"

The End

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