like mist in the night

Norrington ordered the ship swung round and screamed "FIRE!", he did not want to let jack get awqay any more, this time he would kill him or die trying. As the cannons fired at the opposing ship the enemy did the same and a cannonball came flying across towards the aft mast. As the wood cracked and splintered it snapped and fell, only slowed by the heavy ropes meant to hold it in place. 

As the mast fell, Norrington saw it was headed his way and began running out of its path. Swinging around and down the stairs he heard an almighty crash and felt the vibrations go through the ship as the mast hit the deck and he tumbled down the stairs.
Hauling hiself up, Norrington got knocked off his feet by another cannonball smashing through the railing next to him, splinters peircing his left arm.

blacking out norrington heard the din of battle somewhere off in the distance.

Opening his eyes, Norrington saw Jack gracelessly fall onto his ship. Drawing his sword Norrington took a wide stance as Jack righted himself. Seeing the man look up slowly he felt loathing in his very being. Jack said something but Norrington was deaf to him only able to hear a loud ringing. Snarling he charged forward not noticing any blow he made nor parried, only feeling the hate flow through his body he used the hate and advanced slicing jack in an uppercut. All of a sudden a pirate woman stepped in Jacks place and without looking back said something Norrington could now only half hear as a mumbled group of noises.

Not going to allow her to keep him from jack Norrington started dealing blows to the woman. As soon as he had slashed wildly at her chest she parried and stabbed at his groin. Kicking her sword away somehow Norrington saw it coming down towards his head and knew he must die.

Not one to give up Norrington wrenched his sword upwards stabbing through the womans chest, blood spurting across his now soiled uniform. Feeling the adrenaline wear off he looked down at his armand screamed in pain as he felt the splinters grinding in the flesh and up against bone. Gillette saw this and called the retreat in Norringtons place, letting the pearl slip from Norringtons hands one more time

The End

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