The Fastest Ships in the Caribbean. Pt. 1

Anamaria glanced across at Jack under the moonlight, they'd just made their escape from Tortuga yet rather than setting course Jack had taken the wheel himself, and was steering them up alongside the coast under the shelter of the great cliffs. The sounds of Cannons, Gunfire and Screams coming from the previously joyous port. Then, with a mighty groan echoing from every component of the ship from the Mainsails to the ropes to the wooden deck beneath their feet the Pearl swung about, until she was facing directly at the mouth of Tortugas bay.
Under the darkness, Jacks tears couldn't be seen. The crys from the port haunted him, because of him Norrington was slaughtering the innocents of the port. Jack could hardly ever remember feeling this depressed, or guilty. "Drop the Anchor! Raise the Sails! We wait." and thats all he said on the matter.
However, by dawn, his mood had changed incredibly. After the second bottle of rum he'd realized that Norrington was chasing him, thereby, Norringtons massacre was on Norringtons head. Besides, the Commadore had probably, quite literally, cut some of Jacks debts. Now, Jack was thinking of this as a game. Cat and Mouse. 

Gibbs approached the captain, climbing up the dark wooden stairs from the Main Deck to the Navigation Deck. "Jack... what are we doin'? Are we jus' gonna wait for the Commadore to come get us?" Jack looked him up and down for a moment, then shifted his gaze back outwards. The sun had risen, but the Pearl still sat in the shadowy water underneath the cliffs. The shadow extended for a good hundred meters before giving way to a beautiful blue water. The greens and yellows of the island, framed with the magnificent blue of the ocean in the sun struck a sharp contrast to the bleak grey, shadowed cliff face footed with equally bleak grey waters. "Master Gibbs." Jack brought his eyes back down to his faithful first mate. "Just behind them rocks, theres this fellow. You might know him. Terrible temper, speaks like the king himselfs' listenen, white hair with these two little curls, wears a big hat, smells funny. And he, well he's got himself the only ship in the Caribbean who can keep up with us, savvy?" Gibbs glanced at the harbor "You mean to, uh, take that away from him, aye capn'?"

"Aye Gibbs, Aye"

At that precise moment, the bow of the Interceptor appeared around the headlands guarding the harbors mouth. She was undeniably glorious. The grand white sails, sharp blue and golden body, ropes all taunt leading down onto an oaken deck being scrubbed by British sailors. All crowned with the mighty Union Jack, flying proud above the tallest mast.
And the tiny figure of Norrington could be seen standing at the helm. 

Jack pulled out his spyglass, and focused in on Norrington. "Gibbs, Fire the Bow cannons, let Norrington know we're here." and after drawing a deep breath he bellowed "Ready the guns! Let down the sails! Battle stations! Battle stations! And someone, for gods sake, get Rodger out!"

Norrington was lucky his hat didn't fall off his head with that jump, and Jack couldn't help but grin. The Pearl was in full motion now, she broke out into the lit waters with a roar. The Interceptor had come about too, the two mighty ships sailed directly at one another. 

The Pearl dropped her right Sail as her captain jammed the rudder as far right as it could go, and in a matter of moments, the Pearls cannons were ready to bite some Imperial wood. But the Commadore aboard the Interceptor wasn't asleep, he two had swung about reading to fire, however, the Interceptor had swung to the right, neither could turn in time now, the ships were on a direct collision coarse.

"Fire!" Jack yelled, hearing Norrington yell the same across the water there was a series of mighty booms. The Pearl shuddered, creaked and snapped under the intense fire of the HMS Interceptor. And bits of splintered wood were flying everywhere. 
The Interceptor wasn't fairing any better, while the damage to her hull wasn't as severe a lucky shot had downed the Aft mast. There was a brief silence, filled only with the ringing in peoples ears and the muffled shouts of officers and captains while the guns were being reloaded. 
The Pearl shuddered again, Jack had changed his mind. Time to go. However, the ships were now inevitably bound for contact. He heard shouts of "Brace for impact!" echoing from Norringtons ship, and many crew members of the pearl (including himself) followed suit. 

The ships slammed together, the speed and force of the impact larger and more volatile than Jack would have expected. The ringing of swords, and sharp shots from hand pistols began as the two crews entered melee combat. Jack drew his faithful blade and lept into the fray. 
To this day, Jack isn't quite sure how it happened, but somehow he was knocked onto Norringtons ship. Everything seemed more quiet here, more isolated, more personal. 

Norrington stood across the deck, his sword also drawn. Jack could see the blood pumping across his forehead. "Feeling like going swimming again, Commadore?". Rather then respond, he just snarled in rage and charged Jack. Jack stepped forward, parrying the oncoming blade, he slid down, stepping to the side and taking a stab at Norringtons exposed kidney, with no luck, Norrington blocked the attack, and quickly countered it with an upward strike, slicing up the front of Jacks torso, and clipping his chin. Norrington kicked Jacks blade across the deck, he was done for, no more arrests for Jack, just an execution. He had no more ideas.

Then suddenly, Anamaria in a whirl of spinning blades and flying hair engaged his would be executioner. "Go Jack! Run, I can handle this one!" Jack turned back to the Pearl, and upon seeing his way blocked by Murtogg and Mullroy, turned and ran back across the deck of the Interceptor

The End

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