must have been the powder magazine pt 2

Pulling in to the port, Norrington ordered to get anything that would patch up the hole in the ship. Watching the lines of redcoats marching triple time out into the port town, cannons blazing providing cover fire he felt a small surge of elation at having taken down another two pirate ships, no doubt some of the very last pirates he would ever see. Then he remembered the pearl leaving under the moonlight and felt rage boil to the surface of his calm complexion. Gillette ran down the streets, entering any bar he passed and seeking jacks heading. Running into a particularly dirty bar he came across a pile of drunks all passed out behind the door. Carefully stepping over the bodies, Gillette made his way to the bartender and asked the same question he had asked the previous bartender "Do you know where jack sparrow is headed?" When he got no reply he moved on through the back door, not wanting to scale the mountain of drunks again. As he opened the door a crowd of disgruntled drunks all began to try and beat Gillette. Stepping back quickly he didnt even bother to close the door before breaking into a run across the bar. Reaching the pile of drunks he saw that the one on the top had no head. Looking around at the walls he saw multiple holes as big as the mans lost head. He suddenly realised that the fight with the ships had somehow killed innocents and that was the reason for the mob following him. disenclined to climb the pile, Gillette ran up the stone stairwell and into the rooms. Running through the nearest door he found a woman with a messed up dress on and a stricken look on her face. Jumping out the window, Gillette landed in an empty wagon and had to grit his teeth hard to block the pain that jolted up his legs and into his spine. As he got off the wagon he ran towards the ship once more.

Seeing a distressed Gillette running around a corner to the ship Norrington started walking forward thinking he had urgent information for the commodore. A few seconds after he rounded the corner a horde of drunks followed, all baying for blood. Norrington turned to his men repairing the ship. Ordering them to collect their weapons he pulled out his pistol and aimed at the lead drunk.
Shooting the man slowed the crowd, but only for a second as they stepped over the convulsing body. As Gillette ran up the gangplank a volley of fire shredded through the first few lines of men, a second later the second volley took most of the survivors, any stragglers ran off for fear of being shot. As the men reloaded their guns, Norrington turned to Gillette as he caught his breath. Waiting a while he felt his pulse drop back to normal, the first tie he realised it was up and drumming a thick beat in his ears.

As Gillette caught his breath Norrington asked if he had any leads. When Gillette answered in the negative he kicked a bucket that was close enough and ordered the repairs to be continued.


Waking up with the dawn, Norrington went to inspect the repairs and found they were nearly complete. The hole that let in the water was fully repaired and all that was left was the exterior of the ship. Looking it up and down he thought that it might be able to be repaired on the move. Ordering the repairmen to carry this out he took up his traditional place at tyhe helm and ordered them to move out of the port.

As the hole got smaller the distance from the port got greater. Thinking of where jack could be going he realised that this was all a game to him. He didnt care if he was arrested, he would just get out again, William was still free he would free jack easily.

Just as the repairmen were about to finish closing the hole a massive explosion sounded, ripping the hole open just as big as before although this time it was close enough that the cannonball went right through the other side. Norrington looked up from his thoughts and saw the pearl emerge from a shadow in the cliff face of the island, Jack at the wheel. Looking through the spyglass Norrington thought he could see a big grin on Jacks face, just a game to him he thought to himself.

The End

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