must have been the powder magazine

Sailing staright for the harbour, Mullroy closely followed by a bedevelled Murtogg. The two slowly and cautiously walked up the stairway to Norrington. Hoping to help them grow as marines in the kings fleet he waited for one of the two to speak up first.
When Mullroy finaly spoke up saying "Um ... sir ... do you think it a good idea to sail into the port? i mean it is full of pirates, and jack is in there." Turning  around, the commodore pointed into the port and said "Do you see in that port?" When Mullroy nodded he continued "do you see the black pearl?" Mullroy shook his head vigourously not wanting to get on the commodore's bad side "and do you see other pirate ships in that port?" Putting his arm down Norrington didnt even wait for the reply before taking up the wheel once more.

Looking out at the port Mullroy saw two big ships on the water. Looking carefully he saw that they were sailing right for the interceptor. Running for the cannons he called out to Murtogg to follow him.

losing speed as the ship came to the mouth of the harbour the two opposing ships approached. Norrington gave the order for the cannons to be readied and withing a minute the three ships were nearly close enough to fire.
As the ships got closer the prow of each ship passed each other and the cannoneers waited with desperate need to fire.
Gillette, standing on the stairs from the deck called for calm. In the silence Norrington looked to each side, judging when it was best to begin. All of a sudden the call went up from the ship to the starboard side " Fire port cannons!."
Norrington, judging differently waited for two seconds amid the destruction, splinters flying in every direction and cannonballs whistling overhead when they missed.Calling out " Fire all!", Gillette took up the call and all hell broke loose.

Pirates swung at the ship from every direction, cannonfire deafening everyone. A pirate came at Norrington and he pulled out his pistol waiting for the pirate to get close. seeing the yellows of the pirates eyes he remembered his training and fired at the chest, knocking the pirate from the rope mid swing. As the pirate fell into the water through the railing Norrington reloaded his pistol and aimed at the opposing captain on the starboard side.
Breathing slowly he tried his luck, thinnking of this more as a game than anything he exhaled and shot at the captain. Seeing the mans hat fall off his heart sank a little as he thought he had simply shot his hat off, a second later the man fell onto the wheel of the ship and knocked it to the port. The ship sailed off for a while leaving Norringtons men to focus on one ship.

Moving all connonmen to the port side, Norrington took the ship in about a minute, one cannoneer making a fluke shot into the powder magazine.
Feeling the heat from the explosion Norrington ordered all men to the starboard side and began firing, this time the first mate of the ship, now the captain was obvioulsy a better captain than the previous one. Sailing to the ship the new man rammed into the side of the interceptor.  As the ships collided the men were all jolted and anyone not holding a railing fell over

Gillette ran over to the cannon directly in front of the enemy ship and aimed as far down as he could. Shooting the prow of the enemy ship he jumped back as a shower of splinters flew through the firing hole.

Pushing off grappling ropes Norrington Made a spur of the moment decision. Jumping over the rail, he landed on the lower pirate ship, rolling to absorb the shock he pulled free his sword. Running along the deck he saw a few other men along with him fighting pirates in clusters, each man outnumbered but hardly outmatched, only his strongest fighters had jumped ships.

Running along, Norrington came to the hatch and jumped down into the room with the cannonneers. Running along he cut men into ribbons as he passed, slicing one man here, stabbing another in the side of the kidneys. As he ranalong screams travveled in front of him and anounced his presence. As men looked at him he saw them go ashen white and some simply stop moving, the will left from their limbs.

Gillete had jumped ships just before Norrington and had watched as he jumped down the hatch. Although he was unable to follow as he had three pirates so he was a little tied for time to go help. Stabbing one in the gut he turned and parried a wide slice and kicked the thirds sword from his hand altogether. Spinning around he sliced the unarmed pirates throat and chopped off the other left leg. Running for the hatch he was stopped short as another group of pirates stepped infront of him, all had swords drawn and wicked smiles on their faces.

Norrington hot the end of the ship and had to run back to the hatch. Planning on taking down the ship he ran to the hatch and found a not so amused Gillette with four pirates in front of him. Stepping forward Norrington had gutted two before they had time to blink let alone register what had just happened. Gillette leapt forward, slicing the third across the face, taking out his eyes and the last suddenly fell dead as a stary bullet hit him in the head.

Running for the interceptor Norrington sounded the retreat, shouting at his men to back off.
A few seconds later the ship suddenly began to sink. Looking at the ship with sad eyes Norrington swore to himself that his little design had been foiled when the ship let over to its damage. As the mast was about to go underwater the water expanded quickly and a massive bubble came up covering the ship in smoke. As this happened the ship suddenly rocked back violently. Looking up Norrington saw against the mlightly moonlit sky the sillouhette of the pearl, a small cloud of gunpowder smoke slowly circling the mast.

As he saw this and was about to order the men to chase him a sailor ran up to hatch and shouted that the ship was flooding. Swearing again to himself Norrington wrang his hands in frustration and ordered them to make port in tortuga

The End

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