Stepping over many a drunk, a dodging a brawl or two, Jack made his way into the heart of the Pirate port. The smell of piss was everywhere, girls hung out every window with a crowd of men beneath each. He was at home again. 
The Pearl was docked in a secret cove in the harbor, and her crew was all ashore, having a blast of a time. Jack had made his way between three of the bars so far, and was on his way to the forth when the dreaded, but not unexpected shout of "Royal Navy in the Harbor!" was heard.
"Bugger." He'd hoped that Norrington would have avoided the port, waited for him to come out or something.
He ran into the nearest bar, and made his way up to the highest level, then climbing out the window he quickly found himself atop the roof. HMS Interceptor was in the port, her cannons were ablaze as she did battle with two pirate ships. His vision was blurry with the alcohol, but there was no mistaking when one of the pirate ships went up with a boom. The two remaining ships circled each other closely, until after a few minutes the Union Jack rose up the pirate mast, replacing the old Jolly Rodger. Then suddenly, the ships were blown apart, a pirate had managed to fire a cannon, right into the heart of the Interceptor, it wouldn't sink her, but it'd certainly buy Jack some time as Norrington would have to sack the port to repair his ship.

Standing suddenly, Jack ran lightly across the roofs of the terrified port. He was making good time, the docks were right there. The docks. Before he'd realized, Jack had ran out of roofs to run on, he slipped off the ledge of the last building, fingers scrabbling against anything he could find. He found two things. Luckily, one of these was a window sill, strong enough to hold him up. Unluckily, the other was the cleavage of a woman teasing the crowd beneath her. She squealed and began to hit him about the head with her fan, but he smoothly pulled himself up, just enough to kiss her deeply, before letting go and falling into the waiting and congratulate arms of the crowd of men.
Making his way out of the crowd he ran down the jetty, where Gibbs and the rest of his crew were waiting in a dingy.

Jack jumped into the dingy, and not a moment too soon. The jetty behind him exploded in a shower of wood splinters. The Interceptor was firing madly upon the port, destroying anything and everything. Turns out Norrington didn't like having his ship fired upon at point blank range. The second pirate ship had now joined the first in the water, and Jack congratulated himself for hiding the Pearl in a hidden cove.
"To the Pearl, Mr Gibbs" 
"Aye Aye, Cap'n" 

The Pearl slid silently out of its hidden cove, and just as she reached the exit to Tortuagas bay, her cannons fired, just once into the uninhabited hillsides. Jack grinned like a child as he imagined Norringtons face at seeing the Pearl slip from his grasp one more time.

The End

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