ways to learn how to swim

Looking down at the gangplank Norrington noticed the men had stopped working, curious as to why this was he looked over the railing down to the dock. As his gaze slowly made its way further down he saw a sight that was entirely unnexpected, Jack sparrow, walking slowly towards the gangplank, obviously going to try to get on the ship. Walking slowly down the stairway to the deck, Norington stopped behind jack.

he didnt say it more than heard it coming out of his mouth in his menacing monotone "Well, Well, Sparrow. I thought you'd see the sense in taking your head start, but, again, you aren't known for your... conventialism."
Jack seemed to freeze up for just a second. "You woulda missed me too much commodore"
As he heard this, Norington thought that from behind he could see the hint of a grin on Jacks face. Enraged at his flippancy and that grin he said" not in the slightest" all of a sudden he felt the rage take over from the control and shouted " This is for the Dauntless!"

His hand flew to his sword and ripped it out of the scabbard. The sound of ringing steel doubled up as soon as Noringtons sword was halfway free, Jack also freeing his sword.

Locking blades with the pirate, Norrington, through the rage managed to quickly outmatch the man as they moved all about the deck of the ship. Knocking Jacks blade out of his hand as the pirate missed a step he leaned in close saying "Looks like your freedom was shortlived, Captian. You're mine."
Jack apparently not giving up just yet managed to spook Norrington and trip him up.
Finding himself flat on the ground he sprung up as quickly as he had gone down. Looking around he found Jack climbing the ropes. Thinking fast he slashed the ropes from underneath and knocked his foe back down to earth. Infuriatingly the other lnded on his feet, just above his sword.

Not going to give him any unnecesary chances he jumped forward, slicing the air above his chest. Jacks sword managed to block at the last second and then the two began slashing and slicing with an abandon that rarely came to Norringtons fighting.
Midslash, he realised that Jack was lunging towards him unexpectedly. Leaping back, Norrignton felt a boot on his chest, cracking a rib and sending him over the railing of the ship.

Landing hard in the water on his back the wind knocked from his lungs, Norringtons vision began to go black.


As he thought he was going to drown, a hand reached down and grabbed the front of his tunic. Pulling him out of the water another person managed to pull the two in from the dock. After having revived the commodore he sttod up and looked down on Murtogg and Mullroy. Surprise etched its way over the commodores face as he saw his rescuers and remembered that neither could swim. Quickly moving on he ran up the gangplank in an attempt to find Jack. Looking off into the distance he saw a small blob off a ways in the water.

Forgetting the pirate Norrington began ordering the sailors onto the ship as soon as possible.

An hour later they were underway making for the trail of the black pearl.

The End

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