Drink up me hearties!

"And really bad eggs... drink up me hearties yo ho!"
The smirk on his lips said it all, the compass had pointed him back into Port Royal, and the instant it had, he knew what he wanted most. 
"Anamaria! Take the wheel! I'll be back soon!" Jack laughed, tucking the compass into his belt.
"But Captain, you've only just The Pearl back... surely you don't want to wait for the Commodore?" 
"Who's waiting?" Jack laughed slowly backing towards the edge of the deck.
"No Anamaria," whispered Jack stepping forward, "You are waiting for me!" pivoting on his heel and laughing manically the whole time. He stepped up onto the railing and turned and faced his recently reunited crew, and then, waiting only to remove his hat and bow, he jumped backwards off of the Pearl into the salty waters of the harbor. 

The two Redcoats guarding the Dauntless, Jack knew them instantly. It was Murtogg, and Mullroy, the two guards he'd met upon his first visit to Port Royal. They were faced out to sea, eyes darting between where they'd last seen the Pearl and back towards the Port, expecting at any minute for bells to be ringing, and guards storming out of the fort to the ships. Jack tiptoed, quietly as possible behind the two guards, and without too much trouble he found himself into the cargo hold of the mighty battleship. Picking up a barrel of gunpowder, he made flammable line all over the armory and (After grabbing himself a bottle of rum or two) the liquor supplies. He continued his line all up the stairways back onto the deck.
The guards turned in horror as they saw the renowned pirate. And nearly had a heart attack when they saw the gunpowder barrel pouring its contents onto the wooden deck.
"What are you doing-"
"Stop right there-"
"Oi you-!"
"Don't make another move-"
The captain paused as he heard the startled voices, and using his favored pivot, he turned to face them. "Gentlemen, what a pleasure to see you again! However, I must skip over the formalities. Not much time you see." He lifted his pistol, recently reloaded now that its one shot and one powder had found its mark, and shot the line of gunpowder, sparking the line that was now destined to destroy the ship.
"Hope you lads learned how to swim!" Jack grinned childishly, as he again dived back into the salty waters.

The jungle of the Caribbean, never a better hiding spot. Except for the bugs. 
Smack! One mosquito down. 
One bottle of his stolen rum was tucked safely into his belt, the other however, was already three quarters drunk. The line of soldiers pouring from the fort to the dauntless had stopped, then the idea hit him. 
If all the soldiers were at the Dauntless- who was guarding the Interceptor? He had no intention of destroying it, where would be the fun in that? No, this idea would be much more fun.

The gangway up onto the Interceptor was totally unguarded- Norrington was making this too easy! The deck was unmanned, except for a few workers, one of whom turned to stare inquisitively at him. 
"Get back to work! His highness isn't paying for you too be staring at me, is he?" the worker went back to it, not quite eager enough to challenge this very confident stranger.
"Well, Well, Sparrow. I thought you'd see the sense in taking your head start, but, again, you aren't known for your... conventialism."
"...you woulda missed me too much Commodore" the pirate grinned.
"Not the slightest. This is for the Dauntless!" The sound of steel sliding againts its sheeth was unmistakable. In a heartbeat Jack had drawn his too, and they were swinging away at each other no end. Their struggle took them upways and around across the deck, the workers fleeing in every direction. And it very quickly became apparent that Jack was outmatched here. In a quick twist by the Commodore, Jacks sword was airborn across the deck. Jack was unarmed, Norrington had won. He lowered his face in close to gloat "Looks like your freedom was shortlived, Captian. You're mine-"
Norrington flinched as the pirate shouted in his face, and with a quick swipe of his foot Norrington was splayed out on the deck. Jack ran for the climbing ropes, however the Commodore was back on his feet quicker than Jack would have anticipated. He'd only made it partway up when the Commodore swung at the bottom ropes
Jack was flung across the deck, but with style he landed on his feet, right next to his blade.
And they were back at it, swords parried, clinging and clanging constantly. They were right up by the edge when an idea hit the Captain. He lunged, forcing Norrington back, and then with a solid kick to his chest, Norrington was off the edge of the ship, landing flat on his back in the salty waters. Rubbing his hands, he turned to the cannons.

Back at the wheel of the Pearl, Jack was whistling to himself. The sails were full, the smoke of Port Royal was on the horizon and he and his crew were set for his favorite port.

The End

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