one days headstart

filling the gap from films 1 and 2, Norrington chasing sparrow over the oceans ... may get a bit of the lore wrong but hey ... who cares this is just for fun

"Well, I think we can afford to give him one days head start?."

Turning, Norrignton walked through the stone courtyard and through the main gate into port royal. Reaching the other side of the gate the men following him broke off and went their own ways.
Walking for a few minutes Norrington went through a familiar doorway, Walking into the house he found some cold meat and a salad on the table. Continuing on he went into the bedroom and prepared his things. Having prepared his things he went and began to eat his lunch.
As he was halfway through, hoping for a nice day before the adventure ahead of him he heard hurried footsteps outside the door. Standing up he opened the door to a distressed Gillette. Catching his breath, Gillette finally managed to get out "Jack has done something to the boats."

Marching quickly towards the docks bells began ringing calling all guards to emergency stations. as he aproached the docks, the guards they saluted and opened the way to him. Walking through he smelt burning gunpowder. Looking around frantically he saw that the last ships left were halfway through the process of sinking, one had its bow sticking up in the air flailing helplessly.

Only one ship was left intact. In fact Norrignton noticed it was entirely untouched. The interceptor was being replicated when it was destroyed by Barbossa. Now its replacement stood before him, as if Jack was mocking him with leaving the fastest ship to say 'we can still outrun you'.

Not caring for his previous commitment, Norrignton ordered the interceptor 2.0 to be readied for sail.
Running back to his house he collected his things and made his way as quickly as possible to the docks.

Reaching the docks he saw the en were halfway through stocking the ship as they had started earlier that morning. Walking up the gangboard he deposited his possessions in the captains quaters and took his place at the helm.

The End

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