The Lost Life That She Had KnownMature

Chapter Two- The Lost Life That She Had Known

The Huntress had, had a name once, in a past life it seemed, one in which she had been a young girl, one of innocence, but her innocence had been taken; not in the way one would think; the night she became what she is... A Hunter. It had been taken by the fact that her whole body had been consumed by revenge and the want for nothing more than vengeance... in the beginning.

In the beginning, she murdered for the sight of their spilt blood, for the sight of the tainted light leaving their eyes, for the ashes that remained and for the corrupt man or woman that she left, to lay dying once the fur had fallen away.

God would forgive her she knew, afterall she was only ridding His Eden of the Evil which infected it and over time, as she aged slower than most, revenge was not solely the issue anymore. The Hunt became a game to her, a fight between Good and Evil... her duty to humanity, but still... for the lost life that she had known but could barely remember these days. So lets begin on the night The Huntress came to be, that which she is. . .

The End

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