Prologue: The World Tree

The wind blew and the trees swayed at Mount Hyjal. The sun was just rising over the peak of the tallest mountain in Azeroth. A rabbit peaked its head up from the grass and looked around for a moment. It listened to the wind and its surroundings. The rabbit's head darted to the left and then to the right. Nothing. Just as the rabbit thought itself safe, an arrow came from the north, striking the rabbit dead in one shot. Though for Tanvar, this wasn't his most impressive kill. 

"Very good Tanvar. You are learning the traits of a hunter very quickly." Tanvar's trainer, Keina said coming from the brush. 

"Tell me again why we are doing this? You know I already know how to hunt." Tanvar stated, sounding a bit irritated.

Keina gave a laugh and then realized Tanvar was being serious. "If you want to impress her, you're going to have to learn how to hunt more impresive game." 

In an instant, Tanvar toned out Keina and began to think about her. The woman that he met while hunting around the World Tree. Tanvar hadn't seen much of the girl since then and he always wondered and thought about her. All Tanvar could remember was her silver hair and her light purple skin. Tanvar could tell she was a hunter. Beyond her female appearences, the girl was also very well trained. 

"Tanvar, are you listening to me!?" Keina shouted, giving Tanvar a smack on the face.

"Yeah... yeah. I need to impress her." Tanvar said, watching the sun rise over the peaks of the mountains. The sun filled the land with a warm pool of orange and yellow light. Shadows from the mountains and the World Tree were cast upon a majority of the inhabitants of Mount Hyjal. 

Tanvar felt a small breeze and let it go through him, until he realized that she was out hunting. Tanvar looked at Keina, and Keina returned a smile to Tanvar. "It's time." Keina said, handing Tanvar his bow.

The End

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