The Hunting Party

Short story I made when I was 11 which started off my love of creative writing, its of a talking squirrel.

In a wood far, far away lives a young squirrel called Miss Silvia Goodthorn. She lives in a tree that is very peculiar in some ways.......I has very low branches and slimy leaves so not a lot of creatures come there. The forest is quite peculiar too because in the middle of it is a big lake. It is very strange that it always frosts over in the winter, on the 20th December at midnight.

Miss Silvia always stays up to watch the enchanting scene. She is not a very loud squirrel but quiet and shy, also she wears a very bright pink hat with feathers coming out, and a frilly umbrella (which everybody in the wood hates). Now on this day Miss Silvia was on a walk outside getting ready for the frost over that night. She was walking along when she saw a big footprint in the freshly bedded snow. She saw a little mouse bouncing up and down next to the print in the snow screaming, "They're coming, they''re coming!" "Who's coming?" She asked. He turned and stared at her. Then in a terrified voice he said, "The hunters." She didn't understand at first but then understood fully. She started walking again trying to not think about it. A bit further on she saw some red snow but realised that it was  blood. She was so scared that she turned around and ran home as fast as she could.

When she got home her mum was waiting for her in her cooking apron. "Mum, a mouse told that they're coming again," Silvia whimpered. "I know. People are saying they're going to come in an hour's time." Time was ticking by slowly as they started to pack. Half an hour......Quarter of an hour......5 minutes........"Its time," Whispered her Mum. All of a sudden outside there was a big BANG and a lot of pattering. "They're here. Come on mum we will have to go now or we might not survive," Silvia screamed. They both went out of the house to find loads of animals running away from the gunshots. A few trees were on fire and more were coming alight. They scurried out onto the snow and started running. Loads of animals were screaming "They're here, They're here. Run for your lives. RUN!" Silvia was shouting trying to tell them to stay together, but the animals were too frightened to listen. She was shouting that they should run to the lake, but only a few followed her. The rest started to scatter in all firections. Her best friend was running to her when she saw a gun face her friend's way, she shouted "Watch out!" but it was too late. The man had pulled the trigger and the gun shot pierced through her friend's heart. The body collapsed on the floor, limp and lifeless. Silvia was mortified to watch her best friend's death. She was just about to stop running when her mum grabbed her and convinced her to go on.

They got to the lake at last just in time to see it frost over, as today was 20th December. They started to scurry across the lake as fast as they could. They heard the hunters saying that they will have to cross the lake too. The hunters started to lumber across the lake cautiously. In mere minutes the ice started to break and crack from all the weight. Silvia looked down to see it breaking, realising that they had to get off or they would all drown. "All of you run to the other side or we will drown!" She screamed to the animals. They all ran to the other side just in time to see the ice break and all the men fall in. The hunters got out of the lake and staggered home wet and tired. Silvia looked around to see if her mum was there. Her mum was lying on the ground panting from all the running. "Its going to take a long time to get the forest back tot he way it was." Silvia said as she looked round as a gentle rain started to put out the few fires there were left. "I know" Said her mum.

The End

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