The Other Scent Dog

Curtsy, a Lab, and Raptor, a German Pointer, are both hunting dogs who dislike each other. When their Master nearly kills them, they have to become wild and work together.

The yellow Labrador had finally caught scent of the rabbit. She would get it this time--she was almost sure of it. She just had to outdo the other hunting dog her master had. Raptor, a black German Pointer, was behind her by a few feet.

    The Labrador, named Curtsy, quickened her pace. If she was going to get the rabbit before Raptor, she had to beat him. She started running. Curtsy knew she wasn’t supposed to, or the prey would run away. But Curtsy was certain the rabbit was just around the corner.

    “Stop it, you mongrel!” her master shouted, pulling back on the long chain leash that he had her on. Curtsy yelped. She had no collar--the chain was wrapped around her neck and tied. This gave Raptor the perfect to dart ahead of Curtsy. And he did.

    Raptor whisked through the brush, undetected. He could see the rabbit standing right in front of him, eyeing him warily. Raptor bounded onto the rabbit, grabbing its leg. The rabbit squealed and jumped out of Raptor’s mouth. Raptor stamped on it with his paw, swiftly encasing its neck in teeth. The rabbit gave a final long squeak, and then it stopped moving.

    Raptor and Curtsy’s master applauded. “Well done, Raptor. And you, mongrel!” The hunter exclaimed, yanking on Curtsy’s leash. She yelped. “You pile of fur and bones--that’s all you are! You couldn’t track something as smelly as skunk if it were for your own life!”

    Curtsy gulped, regaining her breath after the yank. A tear fell from her eye. She looked over at Raptor, who was being praised by her master. Curtsy thought she was useless. Yes, she was young than Raptor--yes, she was larger than Raptor--and yes, she was slower than Raptor. But she still despised the fact that ever since Raptor started joining them on hunts, she hadn’t caught a single animal. Raptor this, Raptor that--she cringed at the thought. Her father wouldn’t be proud of her--letting a Pointer be better than her. As her father said, Labradors were “prideful and in power for a reason”. Curtsy sniffed back tears, starting to wallow back to the hunter’s little house in Four Oaks, North Carolina.

The End

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